Sandra M. Boschetto-Sandoval

Sandra Boschetto-Sandoval
"It is academic feudalism that draws sharp lines between the study of English and of Modern Languages"
—George Steiner, Language and Silence, 1998


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Associate Professor of Spanish Language and Latin American Studies, Humanities

  • PhD, University of Oregon


I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, S.A, the child of Northern Italian immigrants who later immigrated to Los Angeles, California (November 1953) where my father worked for an engineering company for a few years before setting up his own business. I grew up speaking Italian at home, English at school, and Spanish outside of class, as many of my classmates were Spanish-speaking. Languages have been my life line and my vocation. All the rest (more or less important) ensued from these early experiences.

Research Areas

  • Contemporary Latin American Literature
  • Latin American Cultural Studies
  • Latin American Women Writers
  • Modern Language Pedagogy

Recent Books

  • Sandra M. Boschetto-Sandoval. The Imaginary in the Writing of Latin American Author Amanda Labarca Hubertson (1886-1975): Supplements to a Feminist Critique. New York: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2004.

Recent Publications

  • “Pilot Collaboration and Program Development: Engineering Senior Design and Spanish for Cross-Disciplinary Literacy” [with Ciro A. Sandoval and Linda Phillips] [AC 2007-1623] American Society of Engineering Education. Pp. 1-19 (June 2007).