The SWEAT (Social Wellness, Employee Action, and Teamwork) program began in January 2012.  It is a free program that supports employee wellness through group activities and one-on-one training.  It is designed to offer a wide range of activities that are designed to be flexible and geared toward assisting Michigan Tech employees add more physical activity into their lives. Read the categories below to learn about the variety of activities in SWEAT that you could take part in:

Social Wellness: Reap the rewards of good mental & physical health while participating in a group activity such as skiing, ease into running, and hiking. Activities vary depending on the season and availability. Many of the social activites are open to family and friends of employees.

Employee Action. All SWEAT participants will have the opportunity to meet with a certified trainer to set up a personal fitness program that focuses on your individual training needs, whether beginning a fitness program for the first time or requiring advanced training for a triathlon or anywhere in between. Or you may choose to participate in selected Community Programs such as Pilates, yoga, etc.

Teamwork. Build a “culture of health” in your home, in your department, and in your everyday life.  Work with those around you to enforce a healthy lifestyle by joining an informal group activity such as walking or volleyball. 


A weekly email will be sent that highlights the Social Wellness activities that week and announce any opportunities for Community Programs classes.  Each activity will have it's own information for how to participate.  You will be contacted individually to meet with a certified trainer.  You will also be notified when a new group activity or personal training is available to you.

Free access to the Student Development Complex is available to participating members during each six-week Community Programs session. Employees are eligible to participate in a six-week session once per calendar year.

Members completing personal training or an instructor-led activity receive 25% off the purchase of a minimum 3-month SDC membership and/or 25% off the purchase of an 8-punch Community Programs class specific card.  


Send an email to Benefit Services at benefits@mtu.edu to be added to the list serve.