Social Wellness * Employee Action * Teamwork (SWEAT)

What is SWEAT?
SWEAT is here to assist you in getting and staying active! It is part of a comprehensive wellness initiative for benefits-eligible employees at Michigan Tech.

How does it work?
Contact the SWEAT Coordinator to sign up. You’ll receive the weekly email newsletter with the latest happenings. 

Each new participant has the option to receive a free 6-week membership to the SDC along with personal training sessions OR HuskiesFit classes. Employees completing the 6-week session will receive a coupon for 25% off an SDC membership.  One per employee.

What are my other options through SWEAT?

  • Meet with the SWEAT Coordinator to discuss your goals and create a program for you
  • Join coworkers for an informal group activity such as yoga, Pilates, or walking
  • Participate in a wellness challenge such as Lucky 7 or Win by Losing
  • Check out the fitness library for DVDs, local groups, facilities, and  events to keep your fitness fresh

Options change per semester.  The weekly email will have up-to-date information or contact the SWEAT Coordinator.

I have an idea for a group activity!  How do I set one up?
It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Contact the SWEAT Coordinator. If there is interest, the coordinator will help you find a space and time for the activity and will manage the calendar.
  2. Commit to showing up!  Depending on the activity, as the Group Leader you will be responsible for bringing a laptop/DVDs, sports equipment, etc. and setting up the workout.
  3. Have fun and enjoying being active with others!