Housing and Residential Life

Sustainability Demonstration House

Welcome to the Sustainability Demonstration House, a residence for students operated by Housing and Residential Life at Michigan Technological University.

The 5000 sq ft residence is located at 21680 Woodland Road, within walking distance to campus and comfortably sleeps 5 students in 5 separate bedrooms. The Sustainability Demonstration House provides students with the opportunity to become involved in a demonstration of sustainable living within the community of Houghton. Residents of the house are encouraged to recycle and compost, while exercising good habits of sustainability by being mindful of power and water consumption. Residents will work side by side with the Alternative Energy Enterprise to showcase that sustainability can be extraordinarily successful, even in Houghton’s harsh climate.

  • Sustainability Demonstration House Recreation Area
  • Sustainability Demonstration House Outside
  • Sustainability Demonstration House Kitchen
  • Sustainability Demonstration House Front of House
  • Sustainability Demonstration House Bedroom

Floor Plan

View Sustainability Demonstration House Floor Plan


Monthly rates are for August 25, 2018 through May 15, 2019 are as follows:

  1. Master bdrm- $410/mo (upcharged $100/mo for attached bathroom and larger area)
  2. Office bdrm - $310/mo
  3. Upstairs bdrm 1 - $310/mo
  4. Upstairs bdrm 2 - $310/mo
  5. Upstairs bdrm 3 - $310/mo
  6. Upstairs bdrm 4 - $310/mo

All utilities are included in the cost of the rent.

Furnishings - Bedroom

Each student is provided with an extra long twin mattress and bed frame, a dresser, desk, and desk chair.

Furnishings - Common Space

Common space furnishings include couches, dining table, dining chairs, two ovens, dishwasher, stove, pots, pans, and two refrigerators.

Internet & Cable

Internet and cable will be provided throughout the home by Housing and Residential Life at no additional charge.

Resident Expectations

Residents will be expected to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability via the following tasks:

  1. Contribute to monthly blog posts which will be written by AEE members
  2. Host two public open houses per semester
  3. Clean solar panels as necessary
  4. Monitor composting process
  5. Snow removal
  6. Cleaning common areas
  7. Mowing lawn
  8. Painting
  9. Special projects

Residents are expected to commit about 5 hours per week for their sustainability commitment.

Meal Plans

Students are not required to purchase a meal plan if living in the Sustainability Demonstration House. If a student is interested in an on-campus meal plan please visit Dining Services.