Academic Partnerships

Computer Science Learning Community (CSLC)--The CSLC has a live on faculty member who is a part of the community as well, Dr. David A. Poplawski.

"I'm a 44th year Computer Science major, and this my 31st year at MTU.  I did get a few degrees along the way (BS at Michigan State, MS and PhD at Purdue), but I'm still learning and I hope within another year or two to have finally figured it all out.  Teaching CS1121 and CS3421 keeps me and my wife fed.  I enjoy hiking and backpacking and find trains (real ones and models) fascinating.  I really like to write programs (mostly in Java, never in C), which is what got me into computer science in the first place.  You'll also find me refereeing middle and high school football games during the fall semester."

Visual and Performing Arts—Housing and Residential Life has worked with the Visual and Performing Arts department to create a flexible studio in Wadsworth Hall for Professor Anne Beffel. Link:

Chemistry Learning Center (CLC)— CLC coaches are available for special study sessions in the Wadsworth Hall, G41 before exams or on an on-going basis. You can choose to set up an individual appointment, or establish a team learning group.   Link: