Completing Scholarship Essays

Each Honors Institute Member must write the essay portion of a nationally competitive scholarship. (Students do not need to apply for the scholarship.) Ideally the essay should be written the year before the student expects to graduate (typically the junior year). Here is the process for completing the essay: 

  • Pick a scholarship that interests you (see the list below).
  • Find out the due date for the scholarship. If you write a great essay, you may want to apply for the scholarship, so it is best to complete your essay before the scholarship due date.
  • Write the essay.
  • Have a faculty member review your essay.  Ask the faculty member to give you critique or suggested changes in writing, so you can use it for revision and improvement.
  • Based on the faculty member's advice, revise, edit and improve your essay.
  • Give your essay to the Honor’s Institute Director  who gives final approval of essay completion.

This list of Nationally Competitive Scholarships is not exhaustive. Students identifying other national scholarship opportunities should check with the Director to ensure that these are suitable for fulfilling this requirement. Special thanks to Honors Institute member Jared Cregg for compiling this wonderful resource.