Completing a Contract

Every member is required to complete three contracts to graduate from the Honors Institute.

For the text document template of an Honors Contract form, click here.

Here is a good process to follow to complete a contract.

  1. Find something you are interested in.
  2. Come up with a way to explore or use what you are interested in.
  3. If you like, discuss it with Director of Honors Institute.
  4. Make a list of professors that have interests or experience similar to your contract idea.
    • The teacher of the class that inspired you, or that teaches the techniques you plan to use is a good start. A professor that does similar research is also a good option. Don't forget to consider inter-disciplinary or cross-department options.
    • Ask other professors for advice on whose interests are similar to yours.
  5. Schedule a meeting with the professor.
    • Set up an appointment ahead of time, explain why you want to meet, and provide a copy of the contract description
  6. Prepare for the meeting.
    • You should have a good idea of what you plan to do as well as what you will need to accomplish it. The professor can help you focus your idea and tell you if it can be accomplished, but you need to have a solid foundation before you meet.
  7. Attend the meeting.
    • Be on time!
    • The goal of the meeting is to finalize your plan for the contract and have the professor(s) approve the idea. If the professor approves the contract, fill out the contract form and set up a meeting with the Honors Director.
  8. Meet with the Director of the Honors Institute and get approval for the contract.
  9. Complete your contract.
  10. When your contact is completed, show the work to the professor and the Honors Director and have them both sign off on the contract.

Here are some examples of past contracts for your reference and to help spark some ideas.

Robert Hambrock:  The Physics of the Trumpet – Contract Form
Jamie Bougher:  Energy Loss and Conservation – Contract Form 
Jared Cregg:  Microfibrous Bio-Scaffolds – Contract Form 
Jeff Katalenich:  Attended a Small Satellite Conference 
Jeff Zylinski:  Literature Review 
Sam Handschke:  Chaos Baseball 
Thomas Waltz:  Attended eBay Developer's Conference – Contract FormFinal Report 
Peter Radecki:  Built a Carputer (Computer for his Car) – Contract FormFinal Report