Casey J Huckins

Casey J Huckins


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Professor, Biological Sciences

Program Director Peace Corps Master's International Program in Biological Sciences

  • PhD, Michigan State University, 1996

Research Description

Research conducted by my lab group is focused on ecology and restoration in aquatic systems including lakes, streams, coastal wetlands and the riparian ecosystems that connect them.  The research that my graduate students, our collaborators and I conduct tends to focus on ecological patterns and processes in systems influenced by human actions.  We then apply the basic scientific understanding to attempt to restore or rehabilitate the system or population.  Our projects are often motivated by this reciprocal interplay and exchange between restoration and the advancement of scientific understanding.  Major projects we are currently conducting examine 1) the ecology and restoration of coaster brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis), 2) the ecology, restoration, and monitoring of aquatic ecosystems degraded by disturbances (e.g., fine sediment aggradation resulting from logging and roads, historical stamp sand deposition, introduced species); 3) biomonitoring of aquatic ecosystems, 4) watershed assessment of biotic and abiotic conditions necessary for the reestablishment of species such as coaster Brook Trout and Arctic Grayling, 5) effects of road deicer application on amphibian populations, and 6) the restoration of coastal wetland ecosystems, 7) understanding the invasion and control of Eurasian Watermilfoil.  This work is founded on the goal to increase our understanding of the biology, ecology, and natural history of the organisms and systems of interest for their continued restoration and sustainability. 

Research Expertise

  • Ecology of lakes, streams, and their riparian interface with terrestrial systems
  • Fish ecology, biology, functional morphology
  • effects of land use on ecological systems
  • Biomonitoring for research and restoration
  • Effects of Invasive Species

Recent Publications

  • Ogren, S. A. and C. J. Huckins 2015 Culvert replacements: improvement of stream biotic integrity? Restoration Ecology 23(6): 821-828. Read More
  • Ogren, S.A., and C.J Huckins. 2015. Awareness of bias in fish indices of biotic integrity improves interpretation of bioassessment. North American Journal of Fisheries Management. (in Press)
  • Ogren*, S. and C.J Huckins. 2014. Evaluation of suitability and comparability of stream assessment indices using macroinvertebrate data sets from the Northern Lakes and Forests Ecoregion. Ecological Indicators. Volume 40, May 2014, Pages 117–126
  • Mirchi*, A., D.W. Watkins, Jr., C. J Huckins, K. Madani and P. Hjorth. 2014. Water resources management in a homogenizing world: Averting the growth and underinvestment trajectory. Water Resources Research (in press) Read More
  • Scribner, K., Huckins, C. J., Baker, E., Kanefsky, J. 2012. Genetic relationships and gene flow between resident and migratory brook trout in the Salmon Trout River. Journal of Great Lakes Research. 38 (2012) 152–158
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  • Van Grinsven, M., Mayer, A. and Huckins, C. (2011), Estimation of Streambed Groundwater Fluxes Associated with Coaster Brook Trout Spawning Habitat. Ground Water. doi: 10.1111/j.1745-6584.2011.00856.x
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Current Teaching

  • BL1040 Principles of Biology
  • BL3400 Principles of Ecology
  • BL4090 Tropical Island Biology
  • BL5451 Advanced Aquatic Ecology
  • BL5455/4455 Research Methods in Aquatic Ecology
  • BL5447/4447 Stream Ecology and Fish Biology
  • BL5501 Graduate Research Seminar in Ecology and Environmental Biology
  • FW5115 Restoration Ecology
  • FW5500 Distinguished Ecologist Lecture Series