Joan Chadde-Schumaker

Joan Chadde-Schumaker


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Education Program Coordinator

Instructor, Cognitive and Learning Sciences

  • Secondary Science Education, Michigan Technological University, 1998
  • MS, Water Resources, University of Wyoming, 1984
  • BS, Natural Resources, University of Michigan, 1977


I have been engaged in water /natural resource, science and environmental education for the past 30 years, working at environmental education centers, outdoor leadership programs, statewide nonprofit environmental organizations, the Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation, and for the past 18 years at the Michigan Tech Center for Science & Environmental Outreach and as a partner in the Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Math & Environmental Education. I am interested in developing and facilitating dynamic, engaging learning opportunities to spark interest, understanding and appreciation amongst K-12 students, teachers and community.


ED3510/ED3511 Communicating Science Spring 2013

Course Syllabus

Course Schedule

Areas of Expertise

  • Great Lakes education and stewardship
  • Watershed management ; stream monitoring
  • Environmental education
  • Elementary engineering education
  • K-12 science education
  • K-12 teacher professional development
  • Communicating Science to a lay audience