Schrauben, Megan

Megan Schrauben portrait

Megan Schrauben

MS, Applied Science Education (2004)
Director, Jackson County Mathematics and Science Center

While studying at Michigan Tech, Megan Schrauben had the opportunity to teach physics and English in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. She and another student arranged to travel with a few Senior Design teams and volunteer their time in the local schools. With the help of Bolivian road construction crews, they built a new school and designed a drainage system for the school and surrounding community. Four years later, Megan returned to Bolivia to work with another Senior Design team and build more rooms in the school. The entire experience culminated in her master’s thesis for Michigan Tech.

“Tech’s guidance and support in graduate school have given me unique perspectives in my varying roles in education. As director for the Jackson County Mathematics and Science Center, I get to share what I learned with today’s teachers and students.”

Megan’s unique situation—teaching full-time while attending graduate school at Michigan Tech—put her on an eighteen-month fast track to degree completion. During her first year of teaching, Megan took advantage of the Graduate School’s guidance and support through the application process. As a graduate student, she used the document editing and report review services. Since earning her master’s degree, Megan continues to network with Michigan Tech faculty and staff to garner support for her many interests: K-12 outreach, the High School Enterprise program in Michigan, an NSF research project, and a statewide science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) partnership.