Professional and Coursework Only Programs

The degree programs at the Michigan Tech Graduate School are nationally and internationally recognized for the achievements of their students and faculty. The following programs can be completed through a coursework only option:  

Professional and Coursework Programs

Degree Offered

Accounting MS
Applied Ecology MS
Biomedical Engineering MS
Business Administration MBA
Chemical Engineering MS
Civil Engineering MS
Computer Engineering MS
Computer Science MS
Data Science MS
Electrical Engineering MS
Engineering MEng
Engineering Mechanics MS
Environmental Engineering MS
Environmental Engineering Science MS
Environmental and Energy Policy MS
Forest Ecology and Management MS
Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology MS
Forestry MForestry, MS
Geographic Information Science MGIS
Hybrid Electric Drive Vehicle Engineering MEng
Integrated Geospatial Technology MS
Kinesiology MS
Materials Science and Engineering MS
Mathematical Sciences MS
Mechanical Engineering MS
Medical Informatics MS
Physics MS
Rhetoric, Theory and Culture MS
Degree Requirements: 

Coursework Option

This option requires a minimum of 30 credits be earned through coursework. Research credits may be used on a case-by-case basis following the approval of the graduate program director. 

A graduate program may require an oral or written examination before conferring the degree.

Distribution of coursework credit 
5000–6000 series (minimum)18 credits
3000–4000 level (maximum)12 credits