MAGS Distinguished Thesis Award

The Graduate School is pleased to announce its nominations for the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools Distinguished Thesis Award.

Portrait of Xu Yang

Xu Yang

PhD Candidate

Civil Engineering

Advisor:  Professor Zhanping You

Bird eye view of campus in fall

Regina Baiden

PhD Candidate

Rhetoric and Technical Communication

Advisor: Assistant Professor Sue Collins

The Celebrity Burden: Celebrity Campaigns in the Pursuit of Humanitarianism

Evan Anderson, MAGS nominee portrait

Evan A. Anderson



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Advisor: Professor Blair Orr

The Impact of Balsamo (Myroxylon Balsamum L. Harms) on Coffee Yield and Household Income in El Balsamar, El Salvador

Photograph of Valoree Gagnon

Valoree Gagnon


Environmental Policy

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Advisor: Associate Professor Carol MacLennan

Fish Contaminants through the Tribal Perspective: An Ethnography of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community’s Tribal Fish Harvest

Andrew Willemsen portrait

Andrew Willemsen


Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

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Advisor: Professor Mohan Rao

Objective Metric for Assessing the Perceived Annoyance of Impulsive Sounds

Jennifer Heglund portrait

Jennifer Heglund


Environmental Engineering

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Advisor: Associate Professor Brian Barkdoll

Effects of Climate Change Induced Heavy Precipitation Events on Sediment Transport in Lower Michigan Rivers

Jill Bruning portrait

Jill Bruning


Geological Engineering

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Advisor: Associate Professor John Gierke

A Digital Processing and Data Compilation Approach for Using Remotely Sensed Imagery to Identify Geological Lineaments in Hard-Rock Terrains: An Application for Groundwater Exploration in Nicaragua.

R�diger Packal Escobar Wolf portrait

Rüdiger Packal Escobar Wolf



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Advisors: Professor Jimmy F. Diehl and Professor William I. Rose

Evolution of Volcán de Santa María, Guatemala:A40Ar/39Ar, paleomagnetic and geochemical synthesis