Doctoral Finishing Fellowships

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the awarding of Finishing Fellowships for doctoral candidates.

Recipients—Summer 2015

The summer 2015 fellowships are made possible by the generous support of the Graduate School.

Photograph of Mehran Bidarvatan, PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Mehran Bidarvatan

PhD Candidate

Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

"My goal is to continue conducting research on application of advanced technologies to improve the vehicle fuel economy and emissions. The objective is to make a contribution in the efforts to use our energy resources more efficiently and live on a green planet."

Photograph of Kamal Dhungana, PhD Candidate in Physics

Kamal Dhungana

PhD Candidate


Photograph of Rebecca Frost, PhD Candidate in Rhetoric, Theory and Culture

Rebecca Frost

PhD Candidate

Rhetoric, Theory and Culture

"... her dissertation project, Successful True Crime: Serial Killers, Victims, Gendered Bodies, and the Hunt ... concerns itself with historical and current impacts of crime narratives in America, focusing on the ways in which crime narratives function as a stabilizing ritual. "

Photograph of Ruilong Han, PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering

Ruilong Han

PhD Candidate

Civil Engineering

Bird eye view of campus in fall

Jun Tao

PhD Candidate

Computer Science

"It is satisfying when these works start getting recognized and we received collaboration request from other university and research labs."

Photograph of Xu Yang, PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering

Xu Yang

PhD Candidate

Civil Engineering

Recipients—Spring 2015

Spring 2015 fellowships were made possible by the generous support of the Graduate School and Whirlpool Foundation.