DeVlieg Foundation Fellowships

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the awarding of two DeVlieg Foundation Fellowships. The DeVlieg Foundation supports graduate students pursuing research in engineering, wildlife, and biology at Michigan Tech.

Recipients—Spring 2015

Photograph of Joseph Niehaus, PhD Candidate in Atmospheric Sciences

Joseph Niehaus

PhD Candidate

Atmospheric Sciences

"The challenge in measuring freezing rates due to contact nucleation is that an initially unfrozen, supercooled droplet of water must come into contact with an aerosol particle, and the freezing event, if there is one, must be detected. We have designed an instrument to do just that."

Photograph of Shawn O'Neil, PhD Candidate in Forest Science

Shawn O'Neil

PhD Candidate

Forest Science

"This research will lead to a better understanding of the dynamics that drive space use by both wolves and deer in the UP, provide insight into the factors that may currently be limiting for both species, and importantly, directly lead to management and conservation recommendations for two of Michigan’s most iconic and valued species."

DeVlieg Foundation Fellowships Spring 2014