Graduate Faculty Council—Draft Agenda

September 2, 2014

NOTE: (all handouts connected to a single pdf file)

  1. Review minutes of 04/15/14
  2. Chair Nominations
  3. Old Business:
    1. "Research - Intensive Mode" Update (Dean Huntoon)
    2. Graduate Program Review  (Dean Huntoon)
    3. Graduate Faculty Review (Dean Huntoon)
  4. New Business 
    1. MS in Applied Physics Proposal (J. Jaszczak)
    2. Accelerated MS Deferrals (C. Friedrich)
    3. Procedure for Applying to a Graduate Certificate Program (K. Isaacson)
    4. Pre-requisite Checking (Dean Huntoon)
    5. "Changing" History (Dean Huntoon)
    6. Degree Completion Timeline Launched (D. Charlesworth)
    7. GFC/Senate Approval Updates (H. Suokas)