Graduate Faculty Council—Draft Agenda

October 14, 2014

NOTE: (all handouts connected to a single pdf file)

  1. Review minutes of 09/02/14
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Graduate Faculty Review Guidelines (L. Kramer/A. Mayer/J. Perlinger)
  3. Old Business:
    1. Research-Only Mode (Dean Huntoon)
    2. Graduate Program Review Call for Program/Department Volunteers (Dean Huntoon)
    3. MS in Applied Physics Proposal (J. Jaszczak)
    4. Procedure for Applying to a Graduate Certificate Program (J. Smith)
  4. New Business 
    1. Assuring Compliance w/Existing Graduate Exit Policy (J. Polzien/C. Wojick)
    2. Accelerated MS Deferrals (C. Friedrich)
    3. New PCMI Programs (K. Henquinet)
    4. Call for Committee - Dissertation/Thesis/Report Deadline Changes, Proposal Format for the Senate (Dean Huntoon)
    5. Pre-requisite Checking (Dean Huntoon)
    6. "Changing" History (Dean Huntoon)