Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the recipients of the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award.

Recipients—Fall 2014

  • Joel S Beatty (Rhetoric and Technical Communication PhD)
  • Patrick K Belling (Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors PhD)
  • Caitlin L Bukovitz (Civil Engineering MS)
  • Bryan J Freyberg (Mathematical Sciences PhD)
  • Emily E Gochis (Geology PhD)
  • Bethany J Klemetsrud (Chemical Engineering PhD)
  • Toni L Larche (Geology MS)
  • Chelsea L Mitchell (Biological Sciences MS)
  • Kiley J Spirito (Physics MS)
  • Daniel J VanSlembrouck (Civil Engineering MS)

Recipients—Spring 2015

  • Mehran Bidarvatan (Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics PhD)
  • Troy M. Bouman (Mechanical Engineering MS)
  • LiLu T. Funkenbusch (Chemical Engineering PhD)
  • John J. Henderson (Forest Science PhD)
  • Murat M. Koksal (Computer Science PhD)
  • Madhu K. Kolati (Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics PhD)
  • Connor W. McCarthy (Biomedical Engineering PhD)
  • Ashley E. Miller (Geology MS)
  • Ethan W. Novak (Mathematical Sciences PhD)
  • Mengmeng Qiao (Biological Sciences PhD)
  • Jennifer F. Riehl(Environmental & Energy Policy MS)
  • Katie L. Snyder (Rhetoric, Theory, & Culture)
  • Jennie L. Tyrrell (Civil Engineering PhD)
  • Christopher D. VanArsdale (Civil Engineering PhD)
  • Erika C. Vye (Geology PhD)
  • Luting Wang (Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics PhD)