Doctoral Finishing Fellowships

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the awarding of Finishing Fellowships for doctoral candidates.

Recipients—Spring 2013

Photograph of Xiaochu Ding, PhD Candidate in Chemistry

Xiaochu  Ding

PhD Candidate



"The flexible property of scaffolds and organization is very important for applications in tissue engineering, such as central neuron system regeneration and spinal cord regeneration."

Photograph of Jiqing Fan, PhD Candidate in Chemical Engineering

Jiqing  Fan

PhD Candidate

Chemical Engineering


"This fellowship will help me financially support myself for the last semester of my PhD, during which time, I will finish at least 3 manuscripts for publication and my dissertation as well." 

Photograph of Kevyn Juneau, PhD Candidate in Forest Science

Kevyn J. Juneau

PhD Candidate

Forest Science


"As an assistant professor, I intend to develop and teach classes in plant science including plant ecology, invasive species ecology, botany, and vegetation dynamics."

Photograph of Michael Kivisalu, PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Michael T. Kivisalu

PhD Candidate

Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


"I plan to provide worldwide consulting related to the design of novel and innovative energy systems."

Photograph of Hui Wang, PhD Candidate in Materials Science and Engineering

Hui Wang

PhD Candidate

Materials Science and Engineering


"This fellowship will help me to fulfill my career plan to be a great senior scientist or a respected faculty member in a solar energy research area."