Doctoral Finishing Fellowships

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the awarding of Finishing Fellowships for doctoral candidates.

Recipients—Summer 2013

The summer 2013 fellowships are made possible by the generous support of the Graduate School.

Photograph of Xiaobao Geng, PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Xiaobao Geng

PhD Candidate

Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


"After several years' study and research in Muses lab in Michigan Tech, I obtained the knowledge and the experience which is the groundwork for the significant contribution to the thermal management industry in the future."

Photograph of Ali Mirchi, PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering

Ali Mirchi

PhD Candidate

Civil Engineering


"My goal is to generate insights for water quality policy to mitigate the problem of eutrophication in the Great Lakes Region."

Photograph of Bryan Murray, PhD Candidate in Forest Science

Bryan Murray

PhD Candidate

Forest Science


"Obtaining a PhD has allowed me to hone my research and teaching skills through leading research projects, teaching undergraduates, publishing in peer-reviewed journals, and presenting at national conferences."

Photograph of Khatereh Vaghefi, PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering

Khatereh Vaghefi

PhD Candidate

Civil Engineering


"In the long-term my goal is to establish a research program focusing on enhancing repair, rehabilitation and maintenance decisions, which will ensure the durability and safety of our nation's infrastructure."

Photograph of Andrew Willemsen, PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Andrew Willemsen

PhD Candidate

Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


"My research focuses on developing more weight-efficient, acoustically-absorptive materials for use in aircraft and other weight-sensitive applications."

Photograph of Huan Yang, PhD Candidate in Biological Sciences

Huan Yang

PhD Candidate

Biological Sciences


"My overall career goal is to develop effective strategies of prevention and therapy on Cardiovascular disease (CVD) by managing sleep restriction and chronic stress."

Photograph of Nazmiye Yapici, PhD Candidate in Chemistry

Nazmiye Yapici

PhD Candidate



"The use of our probes for noninvasive labeling of lysosomes in cancer cells, and potentially in solid tumor tissues, will provide new avenues for characterization and investigation of lysosomal trafficking and its role in cancerous tissues."

Recipients—Spring 2013

The Graduate School awarded Finishing Fellowships in spring 2013. The spring 2013 fellowships were made possible by the support of the Graduate School.