Doctoral Finishing Fellowships

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the awarding of Finishing Fellowships for doctoral candidates.

Recipients—Spring 2014

The spring 2014 fellowships are made possible by the generous support of the Graduate School.

Photograph of Fang Chen, PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering

Fang Chen

PhD Candidate

Electrical Engineering
"My career goal is to do full-time research in the field of metamaterials and electromagnetics in industry or research institutions related to practical applications."
Photograph of Suntara Fueangfung, PhD Candidate in Chemistry

Suntara Fueangfung

PhD Candidate

"My plan is not only developing education, but also expanding my research area (Synthetic Nucleic Acid Chemistry) which I have learned from my degree."
Colin Gurganus

Colin Gurganus

PhD Candidate

Atmospheric Sciences
"I would like to continue on the path towards becoming a professor or research scientist at a university or national laboratory."
Photograph of Evgeniy Kulakov, PhD Candidate in Geology

Evgeniy Kulakov

PhD Candidate

"In the future I plan to continue studying paleomagnetism of precambrian period as well as other aspects of paleomagnetism, including intensity of the ancient geomagnetic field."
Photograph of Jun Ma, PhD Candidate in Computer Science

Jun Ma

PhD Candidate

Computer Science
"Upon my graduation, I will devote myself to research and spend years to become a leader in the area of computer science."


Recipients—Fall 2013

The Graduate School awarded Finishing Fellowships in fall 2013. The fall 2013 fellowships are made possible by the generous support of the Graduate School.