GFC Recommendations—Graduate School Dean


To: Provost Kent Wray
From: Vicky Bergvall, Vice President of the Graduate Faculty Council (GFC)
Date: 11/17/00
Re: Report of the GFC deliberations on Grad Studies realignment
CC: Graduate Faculty Council

The Graduate Faculty Council met on 11/13/00 to discuss the GFC vote reported in my 11/11/00 memo to you. After much consideration, the final recommendation, supported unanimously (10-0) by all departments represented, was this:

If the Provost decides that there must be an additional position to support the activities of the Graduate School and research (based on the Provost's expectations of expanded duties), the Graduate Faculty Council recommends that that person be a Graduate Dean reporting directly to the Provost. Given strong concerns about administrative proliferation, the GFC further recommends that this reallocation of duties be closely evaluated in coming years, to determine whether there is growth that justifies continuing this administrative split.

The following paragraphs detail some background assumptions of this vote.

Interpretation of GFC Vote

The final tally of 15 of 16 departments' votes was as follows (where 5 = highly desirable, and 0 = absolutely unacceptable). [NOTE: This is re-organized on a scale of relative difference.]

Grad Dean555454.54433311103.23

However, there was concern about over-interpreting these numbers, which in essence indicated a split of 7 graduate departments preferring a Graduate Dean, and 7 preferring the Vice President for Research option, with one tie. Departments may have voted differently if aware that a second administrative position was likely in either case; hence the reconsideration noted above.


  • The primary concerns of the supporters of the Graduate Dean option were that there be a very strong Dean whose primary focus was advocacy of and leadership in Graduate Studies, in proper balance with the concerns for Research and Instruction.
  • The primary concerns of the supporters of the VP-Research option were that there should be no administrative proliferation, and that close links must be maintained between Research and Graduate Studies because of the many connected funding and research issues.
  • Qualifications: The prospective Dean must have significant experience as a graduate faculty advisor through all stages of graduate work, be able to deal well with diverse constituencies, possess budgetary experience, and have a clear vision for growth in MTU's graduate programs.