Graduate School

Graduate Faculty Council Agenda

October 9, 2018

Approval of September 25, 2018 minutes                                                                 (2 min.)

Business before the University Senate (V. Webster)                                             (2 min.)

Old Business

  • GFC liaison to University Senate (F. Morrison)                                                                (5 min.)
    • Action item: identify volunteer
  • Graduate Program Review – A1, B1, and B2 processes (update) (F. Morrison)        (15 min.)
  • Ensuring independent opinions on graduate student advisory                                  (5 min.)
    committees (update) (W. Cantrell)                  

 New Business

  • Dual IGT Degree Agreement with  Kiev National University of                                     (15 min.)
    Construction and Architecture, Ukraine (E. Levin)
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP) rollout (D. Charlesworth)                                       (10 min)            
  • Proposals to shelve four programs: (F. Morrison)                                                           (15 min)
    • EPD1 Engineering Structural Engineering
    • EPD3 Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
    • EPD4 Engineering:  Sensing and Signal Processing
    • EPD6 Propulsion Systems Engineering