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Preview image for 2017 Nordic Skiing Race Suit Campaign video

Ski Suits

In an effort to fulfill our goals for this fundraising campaign in time for the race season, we have set our hard target fundraising goals of:

  • $4,000 by November 23rd… #Thanksforgiving
  • $5,000 by December 18th following our Houghton Engagement Event weekend!

Please consider donating to this campaign and our Husky student-athletes when making your year end contribution.

Fund a Suit - Get a Team Issued Headband:

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 2.13.22 PM.png

(Picture of the 2017-2018 MTU Nordic Ski Team headband)

Any booster that is able to make a contribution in the amount of a new race suit ($195 & UP) will receive a team issued BeFast headband for you to truly be able to represent our team in your active lifestyle as a MTU Nordic Ski Team enthusiast! What better way is there to share in our team spirit with some team swag yourself!

100/10/20 Staff Giving Challenge:

We are proud to announce that 100% of our Nordic coaching staff has donated to our race suit campaign. Our entire staff is directly invested in our team, and we want to challenge you as our Nordic community to join us in our investment! We are seeking 100% booster retention to our Nordic Ski Team from the past 10 years. We are also seeking to gain 20 new Nordic Ski Team boosters this year! Our coaches truly believe in our team of student-athletes and we believe in our Nordic community! Let’s show what an impact we can make together as a community of Nordic Huskies!!!

Thank you Letter from Coach Smith

Read here.

Progress total may take up to 24 hours to update.


Additional Priorities

Annual Giving

Unrestricted operating funds for Nordic Skiing where the needs are greatest, including wax for skis and tents that the team can use during competition.

Tech Trails

Gifts of $150,000 can help purchase groomer and grooming equipment for the ski trails.

Major Gift Opportunities

Contact Darcy Way, Advancement Officer, Michigan Tech Athletics, at 715-577-0642 or, to learn how you can make transformational gifts to the Nordic Skiing Program. 

Current Major Gift Needs

Head Coach Endowment Fund

A gift of $1 million establishes an endowment to supplement and/or cover the coach’s salary, to provide stability for the coaching position, and to enable the University to recruit and retain the very best coach.

Program Endowment for Equipment

Your gift of $100,000 creates a sustainable funding source of annual income that may be used to purchase new equipment and/or replace equipment that has exceeded its useful life. This annual income also could be saved over a few years to fund a major equipment investment.

Nordic Skiing Endowed Scholarships