Board of Directors Listing

Photo of George J. Butvilas

George J. Butvilas

Chair, Board of Directors


Quincy Hill Advisors LLC

Houghton, MI

Photo of Dale Elliot

Dale Elliot

Vice Chair, Board of Directors and Committee Chair, Investment


FCM Advisors Group LTD

Photo of Dr. Glenn Mroz

Dr. Glenn D. Mroz

President, Board of Directors

President of the Michigan Tech Fund

Michigan Tech

Houghton, MI

Photo of Paul Fernstrum

Paul Fernstrum

Board of Directors

President & Chairman of the Board

R.W. Fernstrum & Company

Menominee, MI

Photo of David Reed

David Reed

Board of Directors

Vice President for Research

Michigan Technological University

Houghton, MI

Photo of Brenda Ryan

Brenda Ryan

Board of Directors


Ryan Industries Inc., Ryan Properties LLC, and Alliance Industries, LLC.

Springfield, MS

Photo of Steve Tomaszewski

Steve Tomaszewski

Board of Directors

Director of Real Estate and Facilities Operations

General Motors Company

Howell, MI

Photo of Terry Woychowski

Terry Woychowski

Board of Directors

Vice President

NA Test Operations for Link Engineering

Dearborn, MI

Photo of David Rowe

David M. Rowe

Board of Directors and Committee Chair, Finance and Audit


Systems Control

Houghton, MI