Louisa Kramer

Louisa Kramer


Adjunct Assistant Professor, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences

  • PhD, Atmospheric Chemistry, University of Leicester
  • MPhil, Atmospheric Chemistry, University of Leicester
  • MPhys, Physics with Astrophysics, University of Leicester


My primary research interests focus on field-work measurements of nitrogen oxides in the Arctic within the snowpack and from long-range transport of anthropogenic and boreal wildfire emissions. The Arctic is a remote region but is often impacted by polluted air masses that significantly alter tropospheric composition and the oxidative capacity of the atmosphere. I am interested in assessing the impacts of long-range transported emissions on the Arctic and sub-arctic regions, their effect on the magnitude of tropospheric ozone production and resulting climate and air quality impacts.

I am also interested in utilizing a combination of satellite observations with trajectory simulations and chemistry transport modeling to assess the long-range transport of emissions from boreal forest and urban regions. Satellite observations can play an important role in monitoring long-range transport of emissions. They offer daily, near-global retrievals of aerosols and trace gases which can provide information on major pollution events. The suite of satellite instruments that make up the A-train, such as OMI, MODIS and AIRS will enable us to use aerosol optical depth, CO and NO2 to monitor long range transport of polluted air masses and their potential for impacting the tropospheric ozone budget.

Links of Interest

Research Interests

  • Long-range transport of trace gases and their impact on the chemical composition of the atmosphere
  • Satellite remote sensing and validation
  • Surface-atmosphere fluxes of reactive gas species from soils and snow
  • Development of instrumentation for measuring atmospheric trace gases

Recent Publications

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