Financial Services and Operations

Pool Vehicle

The University has a number of pool vehicles available for use by authorized individuals. Although pool vehicles are furnished with gasoline credit cards, certain vendors may not honor the cards. When an individual must pay for such items as gasoline, oil, or minor repairs, receipts must be attached to the Travel Expense Voucher in a separate grouping that is charged to the pool vehicle account. These expenses will not be reimbursed for a personally owned vehicle. For major repairs, contact the Husky Motors manager.

To drive a University-owned vehicle, an individual must have a valid driver's license. To operate a vehicle rated for carrying 16 or more passengers, an individual must have a valid chauffeur's license or an operator's license with a Class 3 endorsement. An individual who has six or more points of traffic violations will not be permitted to drive any University-owned vehicles.

To reserve a vehicle, contact Husky Motors. When a vehicle is picked up, the traveler will receive instructions.

Unauthorized drivers and guest passengers, including a spouse or relatives, are afforded no protection under the University's insurance policy.

Accident Reporting

The driver of any University-owned vehicle that is involved in an accident must immediately report the accident to a local law enforcement agency and must also report the accident to the Husky Motors manager as soon as possible.

The University furnishes accident report forms in the University vehicle's glove compartment for the driver's use when reporting an accident. A completed report must be submitted for each accident involving a University-owned vehicle, whether major or minor damage has occurred. Sign the completed form and forward it to the Office of Risk Management, Lakeshore Center.

When another vehicle is involved, be sure to obtain the name(s) and address(es) of any witness(es). If witnesses are reluctant to provide this information, record the license plate number of two or more cars that have stopped. Be sure to obtain the name and address of the insurance company with whom the other driver is insured.

Note: Individuals driving privately owned vehicles on official University business are afforded no protection under the University's insurance policy.