Student Profiles

Bethany Blease

Before coming to Michigan Technological University, Bethany Blease wasn’t exactly sure what field would best suit her love for nature.

“I thought a lot about environmental engineering, but I’m not so good with math,” Blease said. “I figured out that they spend a lot of time in an office and I wanted to spend all of my time outside.”

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Auriel Van Der Laar

Third-year wildlife ecology and management major Auriel Van Der Laar thinks Michigan Tech’s location couldn’t get any better.

“I was raised in the country and I’ve always loved being outside,” she says. “I didn’t want to go to school in a big city. My particular interest has always been birds and bird migration. It’s a pretty logical conclusion to come to Michigan Tech . . . 

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Nick Windmuller

“I think the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science is a little different than other Schools and departments on Michigan Tech’s campus,” says Nick Windmuller, a graduate student in forestry. “We are on a first-name basis with every faculty member, including the dean. It’s a very relaxed environment.”

Since a young age, Windmuller says he’s had an interest in forestry.

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Sinan Abood

When PhD student Sinan Abood decided to study at Michigan Tech, he had a much longer commute than most other students.

Abood, originally from Iraq, had heard lots of good things about American universities—enough to bring him across the globe in search of the best education. Although he didn't know about Michigan Tech specifically at first, he says that once he learned of its reputation, research opportunities, and friendly environment, he was convinced it was the right place for him.

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