Forest canopy on a clear day

Natural Resource Policy—Research

Natural Resource Policy research at the School focuses on understanding the sociopolitical context for natural resource management and decision making. Areas of concentration include sustainable ecosystem, forest, bioenergy, and water-resources management, as well as public involvement in natural-resource-agency policy making.

Faculty                          Areas of Interests

Predator ecology & ecological heterogeneity; Aquatic-terrestrial links; Stable isotopes in animal ecology & conservation; Vertebrate habitat ecology; Conservation ethics
Forest Inventory, Mensuration, and Biometrics; Silviculture, Quantitative Silviculture, and Growth & Yield; Empirical, process and hybrid forest modelling; Biomass and Carbon Inventory, Management, and Life Cycle Assessment
Woody bioenergy; Climate change; Natural resource policy; Biodiversity policy; Bioenergy policy
Landscape ecology; Conservation Biology; Environmental and Natural Resources Policy; Sustainability science
Demographic and genetic elements of population biology; Ecology of wolves and moose; Environmental ethics