Globe reflecting forest floor


International research conducted by faculty and students in the School enhances our understanding of ecological science and resource management, putting into a global context topics important for varied regions around the world. Studies range from sustainable wetland management in Patagonia, to woody bioenergy policy in China, to forest molecular genetics and biotechnology in Sweden, to pine management in Germany, and to forest pests in Ghana.

Faculty                          Areas of Interests

Predator ecology & ecological heterogeneity; Aquatic-terrestrial links; Stable isotopes in animal ecology & conservation; Vertebrate habitat ecology; Conservation ethics
Forest canopy structure and function; Forest response to global change; Carbon and water cycling through forests; Tree ecophysiology; Stable isotope ecology; Invasive tree species
Peatland and wetland restoration; Peatland and wetland carbon cycling; Mountain wetlands; Tropical peatlands; Ecosystem carbon cycling; Wetland ecohydrology
Woody bioenergy; Climate change; Natural resource policy; Biodiversity policy; Bioenergy policy
Landscape ecology; Conservation Biology; Environmental and Natural Resources Policy; Sustainability science
Community Economics; Forest economics; Land use in the Upper Peninsula
Forest insect ecology; Insect/fungus/plant interactions in forest ecosystems; Impacts of exotic species on forest ecosystems; Interactions among fire, insects and disease in forests; Urban forest health