Recent Theses


Aljaste, Arvo. 2011. Warming Alters Photosynthetic Rates of Sub-Boreal Peatland Vegetation. (Chimner and Agestam)

Bertsch, Callie. 2011. An Ethnobotanical Survey of the Economic and Cultural Significance of Non-Timber Forest Products in the Southwest Rhodope Mountain Region of Bulgaria. (Orr)

Campione, Marcella. 2011. The Effects of Forest Management and Time on Herbaceous Species Dynamics in the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  (Nagel)

Cox.Paige, 2011. Characterisation of the Metacaspase Gene Family in Arabidopsis thaliana.  (Busov and Tuominen)

Denison, Kristina. 2011. Farmer Land Allocation for Maize, Groundnut and Cotton Production in Chipata District, Eastern Province, Zambia.  (Orr)

Jones, Christine. 2011. Comparing Remote Sensing and Ground-Based Methods of Quantifying Cover Type and Carbon Storage in an Urban Forest. (Cavaleri)

Latva-Kayra, Petri. 2011. Estimation of Scots Pine Defoliation by the Common Pine Sawfly (Diprion pini L.) Using Multi-Temporal Radar Data. (Falkowski and Holopainen)

Paesalu, Margus. 2011. Tracing the Source of Groundwater for Three Different Coastal Peatlands Along Lake Superior. (Pypker and Agestam)

Robinson, Scott. 2011. Assessing Visual Disturbance Conditions on the Custer National Forest. (Jurgensen)

Veach, Victoria. 2011. Will Whole-Tree Harvest of Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana) Deplete Soil Nutrients in Low-Productivity Sand Soils? (Jurgensen and Helmisaari)

Welsh, Shawna. 2011. Hydrological and Ecological Assessment of the Impacts of the Walsh Ditch Drainage Plugs. (Pypker and Vasander)

Betterly, Benjamin. 2011. Compensatory Growth in Moose and its Relationship to Sex, Longevity, Intraspecific Competition, and Senescence. (Vucetich)

Cisz, Michelle. 2011. The Spatial Distribution of Copernicia alba (Morong.) in the District of Bahia Negra, Paraguay.  (Orr)

Johnson, Christopher. 2011. Open Top Chambers and Infrared Lamps: A Comparison of Heating Efficacy and CO2/CH4 Dynamics in a Lake Superior Coastal Peatland. (Pypker and Chimner)

Toro Vergara, Claudia. 2011. Nitrogen Oxides in the Firn Air at Summit, Greenland. (Doskey)

Yeboah, Daniel. 2011. Variation in Carbon Content of Tropical Tree Species from Ghana. (Burton and Storer)   


Metz, Matthew. 2010. Seasonal Patterns in Foraging and Predation of Gray Wolves in Yellowstone National Park. MS Applied Ecology. (Vucetich)

Kvamme, Curtis. 2010. A Comparison of Ground Cover and Frequency Estimation Methods for Post-Harvest Soil Monitoring. (Jurgensen)

Ladd, Jacob. 2010. Molecular Characterization of Transgenic Poplar Plants. (Joshi)

Romanski, Mark. 2010. Estimates of Abundance and Predation - The Population Ecology of Beaver in Isle Royale National Park.  (Vucetich)

Henschell, Max. 2010. Biomass and Birds: Effects of Potential Planted Grassland Biofuel Crops on Plant Productivity and the Grassland Avian Community in the Upper Midwest.  (Flaspohler and Webster)

Wrobel, Alexandra. 2010. Golden-Winged Warbler Habitat Model Validation for Northern Wisconsin and Central Minnesota.  (Flaspohler)

Airoldi, Adam. 2010. Forest-Limit Fluctuation in Response to Land Use and Climate Variability: A History of the Alpine Forest Regions Around Røros, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway and the Socialand Ecological Impacts of Past Industrialization. (Burton)

Ballantyne, Drew. 2010. The Effects of Long-Term Water Table Manipulations on Carbon Cycling in Great Lakes Peatland. (Chimner)



Carlson, Jonathan. 2009. Detection and Management of Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis) (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) in Low-Density Populations.  (Orr and Storer)   

Sengupta, Aparupa. 2009. Molecular Characterization of Transgenic Poplar Plants Altered in Cellulose Synthesis Genes. (Joshi)

Fortin, Chad. 2009. Floristic Quality as a Potential Driver of Vegetative Diversity-Productivity Relationships and Arthropod Habitat in Restored Grasslands. MS Applied Ecology. (Webster and Flaspohler)

Spaete, Lucas. 2009. Utilizing FIA Data for Mapping Standing Biomass in the Upper Great Lakes Region: An Evaluation. MS in Forest Ecology and Management. (Maclean)

Jensen, Nicholas. 2009. Ungulate Winter Habitat Selection as a Driver of Heterogeneity in Ground-Layer Plant Communities. MS in Forest Ecology and Management. (Webster)

Marlor, Kathryn. 2009. Determining the Role of Environmental Factors and Disturbance in the Distribution of Reed Canary Grass within Wetlands. MS in Forest Ecology and Management. (Chimner)

Koll, Paul. 2009. Effects of Conifer Sawdust, Hardwood Sawdust, and Peat on Soil Properties and Bareroot Conifer Seedling Development. MS Forest Ecology & Management (Jurgensen)

Hahka, Trevor. 2009. Early Growth and Survival of Yellow Birch Legacy Trees in a Northern Hardwood Forest. MS Forestry (Pickens)

Haskell Daniel.2009. Quantifying the Ecological Benefits of Lake Shore Restoration in Northern Wisconsin. MS Applied Ecology (Flaspohler)

Porter, Melissa. 2009. Detection and Landing Behavior of Emerald Ash Borer, Agrilus planipennis, when at Low Population Density. MS Forest Ecology & Management (Storer)

Stehn, Sarah. 2009. Influence of Exogenous Disturbance on Bryophyte Community Assemblage and Tree Regeneration Dynamics in Southern Appalachian Spruce-Fir Forests. MS Forest Ecology & Management (Webster)

Daniels, Noah. 2009. Variations in Coffee Processing and their Impact on Quality and Consistency. MS Forestry (Orr)

Mejia, Gisselle. 2009. Understanding Farmer's Motivations for Woodlot Management and Their Perception of Forest Management Plans in Los Planes de La Palma, El Salvador. MS Forestry (Orr)

Boisvert, Elizabeth. 2009. Initiation and Development of Three Lake Superior Coastal Peatlands. MS Applied Ecology (Pypker)


Rouse, Lisa. 2008. Early clones season ozone uptake is important for determining ozone tolerance in two trembling aspen. MS Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology. (Burton)

Butler Patricia. 2008. Composition of Solid Waste in the Municipal Dump in Berd, Armenia. MS Forestry (Orr)

Rhoades Jason. 2008. Impacts of Deforestation and Land Cover Change on Mountain Soils in Hrazdan, Armenia MS Forestry (Orr)

Vital, Jessie. 2008. Land Use/Cover Change Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems: Pic Macaya National Park, Haiti. MS Forest Ecology and Management (Maclean).

Rouse, Lisa. 2008. Characterizing Ozone Tolerance in Poplar: Implications for Carbon Sequestration. MS Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology (Burton)

Frederick, Janet. 2008. Ash Resources Threatened by the Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire) in Recreational Areas throughout Michigan. MS Forest Ecology and Management (Storer)

Carpenter, Rachel. 2008. Assessment of Motivation and Performance in an Integrated Field Practicum for Ecologists and Foresters. MS Forestry (Nagel)

Chen Han-Yi. 2008. Characterization of Two Distinct 4-coumarate:CoA ligase Genes in Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda). MS Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology (Tsai)

Potvin, Lynette. 2008. An Investigation of Mosaic Stunting in Jack Pine Nursery Seedlings. MS Forest Ecology and Management (Jurgensen)


Roosien, Bryan. 2007. Plant Communities Associated with Native Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata) Forests. MS Forestry (Storer and Orr)

Rosengarden, Casey. 2007. Land Management Strategies and Fuelwood Collection in the Indigenous Ngäbe Village of Hato Horcón, La Comarca Ngäbe-Buglè, Panamá. MS Forestry (Orr)

Shartell, Lindsey. 2007. Risk Assessment for Invasive Exotic Plants using Predictive Modeling. MS Forest Ecology and Management (Nagel)

Satterlee, Brian. 2007. Maize Yield and Soil Properties Response to Entada abyssinica Cuttings in the Adamawa Lowlands, Cameroon. MS Forestry (Orr)

Kenny, Amber. 2007. Resource Allocation of Teak (Tectona grandis) for Small Landholders in Togo West Africa. MS Forestry (Orr)

Colling,Trisha. 2007. Discovery of an Activation Tagged Auxin Transporter in Poplar. MS Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology (Busov)

Hancock, Jessica. 2007. Plant Growth Biomass Partitioning and Soil Carbon Formation in Response to Altered Lignin Biosynthesis in Populus tremuloides. MS Forest Ecology & Management (Pregitzer and Giardina)

Szczechowski, Bruce. 2007. Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Trends in Common Tern (Sterna hirundo) Eggs from the Detroit River and Michigan Great Lakes: 1972-2004. MS Applied Ecology (Gale)

Mason, Lacey. 2007. GIS Modeling of Riparian Zones Utilizing Digital Elevation Models and Flood Height Data. MS Forestry (Maclean)

Eberhart Tara. 2007. Emerald Ash Borer: Host Preferences of a Newly Established Population and Development of Silvicultural Management Tools. MS Forest Ecology & Management (Storer)

Gahagan, Adam L. 2007. Carbon Cycling and Storage after 60 Years of Stand Development in Red Pine (Pinus resinosa) Plantations and Mixed Hardwood Stands in Northern Michigan Old Fields. MS Forestry (Giardina)

Janowiak, Maria. 2007. Stand Structure and Diameter Distributions in Uneven-aged Northern Hardwoods. MS Forest Ecology & Management (Nagel)


McClure, Jason D. 2006. Hydrologic Contributions to Baseflow for a Northern Old-Growth Riparian Ecotone. MS Forest Ecology & Management (Giardina)

Paulete, Francisca E. 2006. The Gambia All Schools Tree Nursery Competition: Promoting Conservation in the Gambia through Grassroots Environmental Education. MS in Forestry (Orr)

Joshua L. Reed. 2006. Stand age and overstory effects on wood decomposition in Northern Great Lakes red pine and aspen. MS Forestry (Jurgensen).

Joshua Shields. 2006. Initial Effects of Group Selection with Seed-Tree Retention on Biodiversity in Northern Hardwoods. MS Forest Ecology & Management (Webster)

Rewati R. Potkar. 2006. Populus Micro-RNA and their Regulatory Role In Vegetative Dormancy. MS Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology (Busov)

Rachel Tarpey. 2006. The Long-Term Effects of Silvicultural Thinning on Soil Physical Properties, Carbon, and Nitrogen Pools in a Red Pine (Pinus resinosa Ait.) Forest. MS Forest Ecology and Management (Jurgensen)

Asha Latha Lakkavaram. 2006. Comparative Bioinformatics Analysis of Cellulose Synthases in Arabidopsis thaliana and Populus trichocarpa Genomes. MS Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology (Joshi)

Robin M. Johnson. 2006. Concentration of sugars, phenolic acids, and amino acids in the soil of forests exposed to elevated atmospheric CO2 and O3. MS Applied Ecology (Pregitzer)

Janet Bandeff. 2006. Understory 15N Acquisition and Methods for Determining d13C of Soil Respiration: Two Stable Isotope Studies. MS in Forest Ecology and Management (Pregitzer)

Fanny Lys Casado Pena. 2006. Tradeoffs between Growth and Condensed Tannins-Phenolic Glycosides Levels in Foliar Tissues of Salix. MS Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology (Tsai/Harding).


Pilon, Crystal. 2005. Effectiveness of a Nondestructive Evaluation Technique for Assessing Standing Timber Quality. MS in Forestry (Erickson and Gale)

Lund, Jennie M. 2005. Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) Germination at Different pH Levels and Detection and Control in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. MS Forest Ecology & Management (Nagel)

Zumstein, Matthew D. 2005. The USDA Forest Service, Public Participation and Content Analysis. MS Forestry (Halvorsen)

Huntzinger, Brett. 2005. Winter Wolf Kill Rates of White-Tailed Deer in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. MS Applied Ecology (Vucetich and Peterson)

Manarolla, Michelle. 2005. Breeding bird community structure in developed and undeveloped areas along the Lake Superior shoreline. MS in Applied Ecology (Flaspohler)

Ely, Marjorie D. 2005. Analysis of Renewable Energy Project Implementation: Biogas and Improved Cook Stoves in the Village of Chhaling, Bhaktapur District, Nepal. MS in Forestry (Orr)

Henry, Brian P. 2005. Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata D. Don) in California: Variation Among Native Forests and Forest Health as a Predictor of Tree Removal in Urbanized Forests MS Forestry (Storer)

Zerbock, Olaf. 2005. Land Use and Water Quality in El Corpus, Choluteca, Honduras. MS Forestry (Orr)

Calhoon, Emily. 2005. Nitrogen, Carbon, and Vegetation Dynamics in Subsurface Water of a Managed Forested Wetland. MS Forest Ecology and Management (Gale)

Robinson, Sara Craig. 2005. Fungal Interaction in Sugar Maple: The Development of Spalting and its Impact on Machinability. MS. (Laks/Richter)

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Powers, Matthew. 2005. Causal Mechanisms and Impacts of Pennsylvania Sedge Dominance in Wisconsin’s Northern Hardwood Forests. MS. (Nagel)

Zanin, Daniella. 2005. Feasibility of Teak Production for Smallholders in Eastern Panama. MS. (Orr)

Vehring, Jon. 2005. Effect of Manufacturing Variables on Mold Susceptibility of Wood-Plastic Composites. MS. (Laks)


Desantis, Ryan. 2004. Post-harvest Effects of Mechanical Treatment and Prescribed Fire on Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana) Forest Biodiverstiy. MS. Applied Ecology (Storer)

Brodeur-Campbell, Sarah. 2004. Insect Herbivory on Low-Lignin Transgenic Aspen. MS. (Vucetich)

Durham, Andrea. 2004. Social Network Analysis of Women, Resources, and Community in Angia, Ecuador. MS. (Orr)

Eikenberry, Jennifer. 2004. Chronic Nitrate-Addition Alters Northern Hardwood Root and Leaf Litter Chemistry. MS. (Pregitzer)

Filius, Kara. 2004. 100% Inventory Methods for Urban Parks in Khimelnitsky, Ukraine. MS. (Orr)

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Gurganus, Greer. 2004. A Study of the Farming System and Technology Adoption in Yade-Bohou, Togo. MS. (Orr)

Hubscher, Sandra. 2004. Cryopreservation of Transgenic Populus Tremuloides Using a Vitrification Protocol. MS. (Tsai)

Johansen, Angela. 2004. Ammonium and Nitrate Uptake by Populus tremuloides in an Elevated carbon Dioxide and Ozone-Atmosphere. MS. (Friend)

Judd, Matthew. 2004. Introduction and Management of Neem (Azadirachta indica) in Smallholder’s Farm Fields in the Baddibu Districts of the Gambia, West Africa. MS. (Orr)

Keinath, Sara. 2004. Environmental Education and Perceptions in Eastern Nepal: Analysis of Student Drawings. MS. (Orr)

Lincoln, Kathryn. 2004. The Use and Potential of the Pita Plant, Aechmea Magdalenae (André) André Ex. Baker, In a Ngõbe Village: A Case Study of Chalite, Bogas Del Toro, Panama. MS. (Orr)

Musolf, Joseph. 2004. Multi-dimensional Density Management Diagrams and Stand Structure Influence on Ground Flora for Jack Pine in the Sandy Outwash Plains of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. MS. (Nagel)

Marshall, Jordan. 2004. Biological Control and Ecological Impacts of Spotted Knapweek (Centaurea Maculosa) in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. MS (Storer)

Schwartz, Joseph. 2004. Stand Dynamics and Silvicultural Recommendations for Uneven-Aged Northern Hardwoods in Upper Michigan. MS. (Nagel)

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Slatton, Russell. 2004. An evaluation of Agricultural Adoption by Ngõbe Farmers in Chalite, Panama. MS. (Orr).

Taylor, Jennifer. 2004. Wetland Development and Genetic Diversity of Sarracenia purpurea L. (pitcher plant) in the Western Lake Superior Basin. MS. (Gale)

Tischler, Keren. 2004. Aquatic Plant Nutritional Quality and Contribution to Moose Diet at Isle Royale National Park. MS. (Peterson)

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