Master of Geographic Information Science Curriculum Design

Students admitted to this program will have a B.S. in any discipline (including students admitted to the accelerated program). The MGIS is designed to be completed in three semesters for students entering the program without prerequisites, but can be completed in two if six credits are counted from a Michigan Tech undergraduate degree under the accelerated Master’s option. Once admitted, students must complete a minimum of thirty credits of coursework past their undergraduate degree. It is a Plan C (coursework only with required oral examination) Masters with no thesis or report options. Students will choose a faculty advisor from within the program.
General Curriculum Design
Introductory GIS4 credits
Advanced GIS concepts3 credits
Implementing and managing GIS projects3 credits
GPS field techniques2 credits
Remote sensing3-4 credits
Communications2 credits
Spatial Statistics3 credits
Electives9-10 credits
Total30 credits

Required Courses

Introductory GIS

FW5550 - Geographic Information Science and Spatial Analysis (4 credits, Fall)

Advanced Spatial Topics (GIS, GPS, cartography, data and project management)

FW5554 – GPS field techniques (2 credits, Fall)

FW5555 - Advanced GIS Concepts and Analysis (3 credits, Spring) Pre-requisite: FW5550

FW5556 – GIS Project Management (3 credits, Spring) Pre-requisite: FW5550

Spatial Statistics

FW5557 – Applied Spatial Statistics (3 credits, Spring)

Remote Sensing

FW4540 - Remote Sensing of the Environment (3 credits - alternate Fall semesters)

FW5540 - Advanced Terrestrial Remote Sensing (4 credits, alternate Fall semesters)

FW5560 - Digital Image Processing: A Remote Sensing Perspective (3 credits, Spring) Pre-requisite: FW5550

GE4250 - Fundamentals of Remote Sensing (3 credits, Spring) Pre-requisites: PH2200 and MA2160

SU4140 - Photogrammetry (3 credits, Fall) Pre-requisite: SU2260


FW5801 – Masters Seminar in GIS (1 credit, Fall and Spring)

Electives (select 10-11 credits from the following lists)

BA5650 - Project Management (3 credits, Fall, Spring, Summer) Pre-requisite: MA2710 or MA 2720 or MA 3710

BA5760 - Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Ethics (3 credits, on demand)

SS5410 Critical Cartography (1 credit, Summer)

FW4545 - Map Design with GIS (3 credits, alternate Spring) Pre-requisite:
FW3540 or FW5550

Computer Science
CS4421 - Database Systems (3 credits, Spring) Pre-requisite: CS2321

Communications and writing
FW5850 - Effective Grantsmanship Workshop (2 credits, Spring)

HU5081 - Writing Applications in Technical Communication (3 credits, on demand) NOT in the current course list

HU5091 - Writing for publication (3 credits, on demand)

Geospatial applications
UN4000 - Remote Sensing Seminar (1 credit, Fall & Spring)

FW3540 - Introduction to GIS for Natural Resource Management (4 credits,
Spring) Pre-requisite: MA 2710 (C) or MA 2720 (C) or MA 3710 (C)

SU3540 - Geospatial Information Technology (4 credits, Spring) Pre-requisite:

SU5003 - GIS Fundamentals (1 credit, on demand)

SU5004 - Introduction to Geospatial Image Processing (3 credits, on demand)

SU5041 - Geospatial Data Processing (3 credits, on demand)

ENG5520 - Sustainable Futures II (3 credits, Spring)

FW5111 - Advanced Natural Resource Policy (3 credits, Fall)

FW5150 - Institutions and Natural Resource Management (up to 3 credits, Fall, Spring, Summer)

Natural resources
CE5666 - Water Resources Planning and Management (3 credits, on demand) Pre-requisites CE3620 and (EC3400 or EC3402 or ENT3402)

ENVE4505 - Surface Water Quality Engineering (3 credits, Fall) Pre-requisite: ENVE3501 or ENVE 3503

FW 4220 - Wetlands (4 credits, Fall)

FW4300 - Introduction to Wildland Fire (3 credits, Spring) Pre-requisite: FW3020 and (FW3010 or FW3012)

FW4370 - Forest and Landscape Hydrology (3 credits, Spring)

FW4380 - Landscape Ecology (3 credits, Spring)

FW5032 - Integrated Forest Inventory and Data Analysis (3 credits, Spring)

FW5088 - Forest Finance & Economics (3 credits, Spring)

FW5130 - Forest Vegetation Dynamics (3 credits, Fall) Pre-requisites: BL3400 or FW3010 or FW3012 or FW3020

FW5140 - Stable Isotopes in Ecology and Environmental Science (2 credits, Fall)

FW5413 - Sustainable Biomass (3 credits, Fall)

GE4150 - Natural Hazards (3 credits, Fall) Pre-requisites: (GE2000 or GE2100) and UN2002

EC4200 - Econometrics (3 credits) Pre-requisites: (EC2001 or EC3002 or EC3003) and (BA2100 or BUS2100 or MA2710 or MA2720 or MA3710) and (MA1135 or MA1160 or MA1161)

FW5411 - Applied Regression Analysis (3 cr, alternate Spring semesters)

MA4710 - Regression Analysis (3 cr, Spring) Pre-requisites: MA2720 or MA3710

MA4740 - Sampling Methods (3 cr, on demand)

MA5701 - Statistical Methods (3 cr, Fall)

Example MGIS course sequence for a Michigan Tech BS degree holder

As an undergraduate, take FW3540 - Intro to GIS for Resource Management (4 credits) and FW5111 - Advanced Natural Resource Policy (3 credits). Six of these credits may be applied.


 FW5550 - GIS for Resource Management (required)(4 credits)
 FW5554 - GPS Field Techniques (required)(2 credits)
 FW5801 - Masters Seminar in GIS (required)(1 credit)
 EC4300 - Econometrics(3 credits)
 GE4150 - Natural Hazards(3 credits)
 Total13 credits


 FW5555 - Advanced GIS Concepts and Analysis (required)(3 credits)
 FW5560 - Digital Image Processing (required from list)(3 credits)
 FW5556 – GIS Project Management (required)(3 credits)
 FW5510 – Special Topics in Natural Resources - Spatial Statistics (required)(3 credits)
 FW5801 - Masters Seminar in GIS(1 credit)
 Total13 credits
 Accelerated Master’s credits6 credits
 Fall semester13 credits
 Spring semester13 credits
 Total32 credits

Example MGIS course sequence for an external student


 SU3540 - Geospatial Info Technology(4 credits)
 FW5510 - Spatial Statistics (required)(3 credits)
 GE4250 - Fundamentals of Remote Sensing(3 credits)
 FW5801 - Masters Seminar in GIS (required)(1 credits)
 Total11 credits


 FW5550 - GIS for Resource Management (required)(4 credits)
 FW5540 - Adv. Terrestrial Remote Sensing (required from list)(4 credits)
 FW5554 - GPS Field Techniques (required)(2 credits)
 GE4150 - Natural Hazards(3 credits)
 Total13 credits


 FW5555 - Advanced GIS Concepts and Analysis (required)(3 credits)
 FW5556 – GIS Project Management (required)(3 credits)
 FW5850 - Effective Grantsmanship(2 credits)
 FW5801 - Masters Seminar in GIS(1 credit)
 Total9 credits
 Spring semester11 credits
 Fall semester13 credits
 Spring semester9 credits
 Total33 credits