Alumni Stories—Gordie Mosher

Gordie Mosher

Gordie Mosher

BS, Forestry, 2000
BS, Applied Ecology and Environmental Science, 2002
Teaching Certificate in Secondary Education, 2002
Michigan Tech Football, 1996–2000
Current job/field: Director, Advanced Placement Incentive Programs
Employer: Yuma Union High School, District 70

When I originally enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program in Forestry at Michigan Tech, I was planning a life in the outdoors, working with nature. The life lessons that I received in the classroom from my professors, including Dr. Glenn Mroz and Dr. Martin Jurgensen, and on the football field from my coaches, Tom Kearly and Bernie Anderson, prepared me to confidently enter the workforce. Michigan Tech gave me the tools necessary to succeed in any endeavor I chose. I considered a number of different career paths in college, finally settling on education.

I began teaching earth science to tenth graders in Yuma, Arizona. I would have NEVER thought my education at Michigan Tech would lead me to a career teaching in the desert! I submitted my resume on a number of teacher websites. I received multiple interviews in different states, but teaching earth science in Yuma sounded pretty interesting. I have taught astronomy, meteorology, geology, and oceanography for seven years.

As a teacher, I utilized my vast knowledge of science daily in my lessons. Michigan Tech provided me with an outstanding education that has enabled me to share my understanding of the environment with others. Currently, I am the director of advanced placement incentive programs with Yuma Union High School District 70. As a director, I draw on my time management, communication, and finance skills.

College students today have so much technology at their fingertips—and embracing this technology is key to a successful career. Michigan Tech students receive excellent instruction in technology and have access to computer, teaching, and research labs with the most up-to-date technology.

There was a quote floating around while I was in high school and college. I remember it saying that schools needed to prepare students to communicate in the real world. This is true. But, I believe that my education at Michigan Technological University has enabled me to communicate INTELLIGENTLY, whereas some college graduates are only able to communicate. Michigan Tech graduates are so very lucky to hold a degree from such a well-known, rigorous university. My hat is off to the next generation of graduates. Only the best and brightest can hang a degree from Michigan Tech on the wall.

Gordon Mosher

Bachelor of Science in Forestry, 2000
Bachelor of Science in Applied Ecology and Environmental Science, 2002
Teaching Certificate in Secondary Ed., 2002
Michigan Tech Football, 1996-2000