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School's Blog. Visit the School's blog for stories, School news, research stories, and general information about the School. Share your thoughts on the blog postings in the comment sections.


Tell Us Your Story. How have you benefited from a Michigan Tech education? Do you have advice for our current students as they search for jobs in natural-resource fields? Tell us what you've been doing.


Facebook. Become a fan of the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science Facebook page. Get current information on the School, comment on postings, view photos, and participate in discussions.


Flickr. Look at photos by class year. The last Michigan Tech Forester yearbook was printed in 1997, and this site continues the collection of events and memories, serving as a repository for your photos and ours.


Visit Michigan Tech's other social networking sites, including YouTube, for streaming videos; HuskyLink, to connect with your Michigan Tech Alumni Network; Issuu, to read publications; LinkedIn, to collaborate professionally with alumni; and Twitter, for information, Tech Trivia, and alumni events.