Raising arms in celebration at a shoreline

Awards and Recognition

The School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science is proud of its students, faculty, and staff. To recognize outstanding individuals within the School, a number of awards are presented annually. 

Recipients of 2010-2011 awards

Undergraduate Students

  • Chelsea M. Murawski—Outstanding Senior in Forestry
  • David J. Kossak—Outstanding Senior in Forestry
  • Karl J. Romanowicz—Outstanding Senior in Applied Ecology and Environmental Sciences
  • Auriel M. Van Der Laar—Outstanding Senior in Wildlife Ecology and Management
  • A. J. Smith—Outstanding Undergraduate Service Award 
  • Jill K. Smith—School Scholar

Graduate Students

  • Rita Koch—Outstanding Graduate Student Award
  • Rita Koch—Outstanding Service Award
  • Rita Koch—Teaching Assistant of the Year
  • Alexis R. Sullivan—Women of Promise


  • Joseph Bump—Faculty of the Year


  • Jennifer Eikenberry—Staff Member of the Year