Robert E. Froese

Robert E. Froese
"If you can't measure it, then you can't manage it."


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  • Associate Professor, SFRES
  • Director, Ford Center and Forest
  • PhD, Forestry, Wildlife and Range Sciences, University of Idaho
  • MF, Forest Science, University of British Columbia
  • BSF, Forest Resources Management, University of British Columbia

Managing for the future

A teacher of mine once claimed that there is no longer such a thing as an unmanaged ecosystem; every corner of the globe is impacted by human activity in some fashion. My research and teaching is driven by the perspective that we must manage our interrelationship with our environment, even in places where we seek to minimize change. Clear, quantitative assessments of current and future condition are key to sensible management and informed decision making.

My research program is organized around forest measurements, biometrics, and forest production. I study and model forests and forest silvicultural systems. Models can be great tools in applied ecosystem science, of which Forestry is a part, in the development and assessment of management systems. But models are also excellent frameworks for holding, testing and advancing scientific hypotheses about ecosystems. Emerging issues in management of the global carbon cycle, biomass for alternative fuels, and the economic, social and ecological consequences of future uses of forests are all questions that will involve simulation studies.

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  • Registered Professional Forester, Association of BC Forest Professionals
  • Certified Forester, Society of American Foresters
  • Registered Forester, State of Michigan, Board of Foresters


Areas of Expertise

  • Forest Inventory, Mensuration, and Biometrics
  • Silviculture, Quantitative Silviculture, and Growth & Yield
  • Empirical, process and hybrid forest modelling
  • Biomass and Carbon Inventory, Management, and Life Cycle Assessment

Recent Publications

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  • Vance, E.D., W.M. Aust, R.E. Froese, R.B. Harrison, L.A. Morris and B.D. Strahm. 2014. Biomass harvesting and soil productivity: is the science meeting our policy needs? Soil Science Society of America Journal 78:S95-S104.
  • Pond, N.C., R.E. Froese, R.K. Deo and M.J. Falkowksi. 2014. Multiscale validation of an operational model of forest inventory attributes developed with constrained remote sensing data. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 40:51-67. Read More
  • Pond, N.C., R.E. Froese and L.M. Nagel. 2014. Sustainability of the selection system in northern hardwood forests. Forest Science 60(2):374:381. Read More
  • Pond, N.C. and R.E. Froese. 2014. Evaluating published approaches for modelling diameter at breast height from stump dimensions. Forestry 87(5):683-696. Read More
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  • Witt, J.C., C.R. Webster, R.E. Froese, T.D. Drummer and J.A. Vucetich. 2012. Scale-dependent drivers of ungulate patch use along a temporal and spatial gradient of snow depth. Canadian Journal of Zoology. 90: 972-83. Read More
  • Barnes, D., R.E. Froese, R.G. Mannes and B. Warner. 2011. Combined sustainable biomass feedstock combustion, CO2/EOR, and saline reservoir geological carbon sequestration in Northern Lower Michigan, USA: towards negative CO2 emissions. Energy Procedia 4:2955-2962. Read More
  • Froese, R.E., D.R. Shonnard, C.A. Miller, K.P. Koers and D.M. Johnson. 2010. Greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants in the US Great Lakes States. Biomass & Bioenergy 34(3): 251-262. Read More
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