As the number of H1N1 cases on campus and in the community subside, it is still important to focus on preventing the spread of colds and flu.

Everyone should make a point to wash their hands thoroughly; cover their cough or sneeze (into the elbow, for example); avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth; stay home when ill; and avoid those who are ill.

Those interested in an H1N1 vaccine should talk to their medical provider or the Western UP Health Department (482-7382).

The Flu Report Form has been deactivated. The Dean of Students Office will require documentation for excused absences as usual. If you have the flu or other illness, please follow the standard Attendance Policy guidelines:

Students having excused absences are permitted to make up graded work. Whenever possible, students should contact the instructor prior to the absence and arrange a mutually acceptable make-up procedure. Otherwise, the students should account for the absence at the first opportunity.

Students who are unable to notify instructors concerning their absence from class or who must notify several instructors on short notice should contact the Dean of Students Office for assistance.

This website includes helpful information and instructions for students and University personnel. In the event of warnings or advisories, the campus community will informed of any H1N1-related guidelines or recommendations through standard media (newspapers, email, postings, telecommunications, etc.), including the University website. For the most current monitoring, frequently asked questions, and recommendations regarding H1N1 flu, individuals should refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website and http://www.flu.gov/ or to the World Health Organization’s website.