Student Financial Services Center

International Ambassador Scholarships

Criteria: Applicants must be citizens and residents of any country except the United States. Awarded, based on academic achievement, for a four-year period (8 semesters) to students in their first year of study working on a bachelor's degree, or to students with transfer credit for a variable period of time depending on Michigan Tech requirements.

Curriculum: any baccalaureate curriculum.

Value: Variable ($1,000 minimum to $6,000 maximum) for up to four years (8 Semesters). In the spirit of philanthropy some or all of a scholarship may be funded by a generous donor to the university.

Renewal Criteria: Renewable for second, third, and fourth year students who maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 as of the end of spring semester, acceptable social behavior, and continuous full-time (12-credits of more) undergraduate enrollment.

Exclusion: Students eligible for Institutional awards such as the Alumni Legacy Award or Military Family Education Award are not eligible for the International Ambassador Scholarship.

Additional Information: Please visit the International Programs and Services website.