Building Contacts

All building issues are now handled through a web based system called Maintenance Direct. Please use the web site for any and all requests.

This list is for reference only.


No. Building Name

Maintenance & Custodial Issues
Facilities Manager

(Contact Information)

Remodeling & Use Changes
Facilities Engineer

(Contact Information)

5,6 Academic Offices/Annex Mike Tomasi Jim Schultz
1 Administration Building Mike Tomasi Jim Schultz
95 Advanced Technology Development Complex Mike Tomasi Gregg Richards
9 Alumni House Mike Tomasi Jim Schultz
102 APSRC (Blizzard Building) Mike Tomasi Gregg Richards
13 Center for Diversity & Inclusion (Hamar House) Dale O'Brien Jake Guter
19 Chemical Science & Engineering Mike Tomasi Jim Schultz
14 Civil Engineering (Grover C Dillman Hall) Mike Tomasi Gregg Richards
32 Daniell Heights Dave Lampinen Jim Schultz
31 Douglass Houghton Hall Mike Tomasi Jim Schultz
8 Dow Environmental Sciences & Eng Mike Tomasi Gregg Richards
7 EERC Mike Tomasi Gregg Richards
15 Fisher Hall Mike Tomasi Jake Guter
18 Ford Center Mike Tomasi Jim Schultz
18 Forestry (U J Noblet Forestry & Wood Products) Mike Tomasi Jim Schultz
50 Gates Tennis Center 487-2578 Jake Guter
100 Great Lakes Research Center Mike Tomasi Gregg Richards
48 Hillside Place Dave Lampinen Jim Schultz
95 KRC Mike Tomasi Gregg Richards
3 Lakeshore Center Mike Tomasi Jim Schultz
30 Little Huskies Child Care 487-2578 Jake Guter
38-40 McNair Dale O'Brien Jim Schultz
20 ME-EM (R L Smith Mech Eng-Eng Mechanics) Mike Tomasi Gregg Richards
84 Meese Center (Harold Meese Center) Mike Tomasi Jim Schultz
34 Memorial Union Mike Tomasi Jake Guter
103 Mineral Museum Mike Tomasi Jake Guter
12 Minerals & Materials Engineering Mike Tomasi Gregg Richards
51 Outdoor Adventure (O'Connor House) Dale O'Brien Jim Schultz
16 Public Safety (Widmaier House) Dale O'Brien Jim Schultz
28 Rekhi Hall Mike Tomasi Jake Guter
4 ROTC Mike Tomasi Jim Schultz
10 Rozsa Performing Arts & Education Dale O'Brien Jake Guter
24 Student Development Complex 487-2578 Jake Guter
45 University Residence Dave Lampinen Jake Guter
17 Van Pelt Library Mike Tomasi Jake Guter
37 Wadsworth Hall Dale O'Brien Jim Schultz
11 Walker Arts & Humanities Dale O'Brien Jake Guter