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Downloadable ESL 2016-2017 Calendar for Printing

Fall 2016
August 15-19 Faculty Institute
August 20-21 Move-In Weekend
August 21-27 Orientation Week
August 22 TOEFL Administration—Placement
August 29 Instruction Begins
September 2 Program Meeting (Post-Placement)
September 5 Labor Day
September 9 K-Day (Classes end at noon—Half-Day Faculty In-Service)
November 12 TOEFL Administration
November 18 No Classes—Faculty Work Day (Thanksgiving Break Begins)
November 28 Classes Resume
December 9 Last Day of Teaching
December 12 Faculty Evaluation Meeting
December 13 Faculty/Student Conferences
December 13-14 Academic Advising and Registration for Spring
December 14-16 Faculty Development Days
December 16 Semester Ends
Tuition for Spring semester is due by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Spring 2017
January 5-6 Faculty Institute
January 8 TOEFL Administration—Placement
January 8 Orientation
January 9 Instruction Begins
January 16 Martin Luther King Day—No classes
February 8 Winter Carnival (Classes End at Noon—Faculty Development Half-Day)
February 13 Classes Resume
March 3 Spring Break Begins
March 13 Classes Resume
April 7 TOEFL Administration
April 14 Classes End at Noon (Faculty Half-Day In-Service)
April 21 Last Day of Teaching
April 24 Faculty Evaluation Day
April 25 Faculty/Student Conferences
April 26-28 Academic Advising and Registration
April 29 Spring Semester Ends
Tuition for summer school is due by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, May 3th, 2016

Summer 2017  
May 8 Instruction Begins
May 29 Memorial Day—No Classes
July 4 Independence Day—No Classes
July 15 TOEFL Administration
July 28 Last Day of Teaching
August 1 Faculty Evaluation
August 2 Faculty/Student Conferences
August 3 Academic Advising and Registration
August 5 ESL Summer Semester Ends
Tuition for Fall semester is due by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, August 30, 2017