Staff Hiring Activity Record

The Staff Hiring Activity Record (SHAR), formerly known as the Affirmative Action Record (AAR), is used by the Institutional Equity Office to track staff hires. The Institutional Equity Office uses this information to ensure that no discrimination took place during a hire. Having this documentation done at the time of the interview and selection of the candidate prevents having to reconstruct the entire situation during an investigation in the future.

Affirmative Action requirements are vital for analysis required by the federal and state government. Michigan Technological University's federal and state funding is contingent upon being in compliance with related regulations.

  1. The hiring department is to do a Staff Hiring Activity Record for all posted hires.
  2. The SHAR should include an explanation of why every person that submitted a resume/application was not selected.
    1. This includes those who were qualified but not interviewed. The reasons must be specific and job-related. This will ensure that signs of discrimination did not intrude into the selection of the best-qualified candidate.
    2. Second Choice Selection: You can also list a second choice in case the desired candidate declines.
  3. Once the SHAR is completed it should be sent to the Institutional Equity Office.
    1. An applicant flow log must be sent with every SHAR. The Institutional Equity Office will examine the SHAR and the AFL to ensure that protected class members were considered and that there is no adverse impact on current employees. The Institutional Equity Office may contact the department to obtain this information.
  4. Institutional Equity and Employment Services will review SHAR. Employment Services will contact the hiring department after the Institutional Equity Office and Human Resource Office  review the hire.

The Institutional Equity Office and Employment Services must review the Staff Hiring Activity Record before a job offer can be made.