Pre-college Outreach Presentation

by Chris S. Anderson

Goal for Early Intervention

To provide participants the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen academic preparation and experience
  • Gain a greater awareness and appreciation of engineering or other professions
  • Interact with a diverse group of engineers or other professionals
  • Interact with role models, both engineers and University students
  • Be presented with a vision of the potential careers that are available in engineering or other professions
  • Develop an educational plan
  • Experience a smoother transition from high school to college

Benefits for Students

  • Career exploration
  • Exposure to University
  • Academic and interpersonal skill development
  • Academic recognition
  • Peer support
  • Interactions with role models
  • Personal development

Benefits for University

  • Visibility, promotion, and recruitment
  • Development of a pool of potential students
  • Opportunities to build alliances with student advocacy organizations, corporations, and other constituents
  • Opportunity to increase diversity of student body

Benefits for Corporate Sponsors

  • Opportunities for partnerships with Michigan Tech and secondary schools in support of education, diversity, and strengthening the future workforce
  • Development of a pool of potential employees
  • Visibility

Ways to Get Involved in Michigan Tech's Youth Programs

  • Sponsor programs or program components
  • Sponsor Youth Program scholarships
  • Donate supplies/equipment (or loan) for programs
  • Support role model speakers
  • Assist in program evaluation
  • Disseminate Youth Program literature
  • Recruit Youth Program participants
  • Support department efforts (encourage support of Youth Programs by academic departments)
  • Promote programs (with teachers, other corporations, etc.)
  • Suggest new programs or program explorations
  • Loan a corporate representative for a year
  • Teach a Youth Program exploration
  • Support a Youth Program computer lab

Ways to Get Involved with Michigan Tech's Undergraduate/Graduate Programs and Students

  • Support student professional organizations
  • Serve on advisory boards
  • Sponsor an Enterprise
  • Sponsor an Enterprise
  • Provide speakers for classes and events
  • Sponsor undergraduate scholarships
  • Sponsor undergraduate research awards
  • Sponsor faculty research
  • Provide internships & coops
  • Recruit MTU graduates
  • Hire MTU students
  • Endow a faculty position
  • Provide funds for recruitment of minority graduate students

Contact Information

Chris S. Anderson
Office for Institutional Diversity
(906) 487-2474