State and National Organizations

Michigan-specific Programs for Diversity

Detroit Area Pre-college Engineering Program (DAPCEP)

The mission of DAPCEP is to increase the number of historically underrepresented students who are motivated and prepared academically to pursue degrees leading to careers in STEM related fields through K-12 supplemental educational programming.

Grand Rapids Pre-college Engineering Program (GRAPCEP)

The Grand Rapids Area Pre-College Engineering Program (GRAPCEP) is a regional pre-college engineering program intended to meet the need for well-trained professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics for the growing businesses ofMichigan and to include qualified students from historically under-represented populations in these career fields.

Michigan Space Grant Consortium—NASA (MSGC)

Michigan Tech is an active member of MSGC. Through annual competitions, we offer opportunities to apply for undergraduate and graduate research fellowships to support work in aerospace, space science, mathematics and other science or engineering related fields, as well as grants for students working on educational research topics in mathematics, science, or technology. MSGC also supports seed, pre-college and outreach programs, and teacher professional development grants.


National Programs for Diversity

ARCUS Foundation

Arcus Foundation is a global private foundation with a focus on social justice and conservation. Arcus supports work that advances equality and human rights for people of all sexual orientations and gender identity.

Equity in the Classroom Conference

The yearly Equity in the Classroom Conference focuses on achieving parity in enrollment, retention, and graduation for the underrepresented students of color and academically and economically disadvantaged students in higher education. The conference is hosted each year by a different university for faculty, administrators, student affairs personnel, students, community members and GEAR-UP partners interested in enriching their educational institutions through increasing diversity.

National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science (GEM)

The National GEM Consortium is addressing the critical shortfall in the production of American engineering and scientific talent. Our model is strategic and proven with more than three decades of results. As a nonprofit corporation, our core business is providing graduate fellowships in engineering and science to highly qualified individuals from communities where human capital is virtually untapped.


MentorNet is the premiere and most experienced web-based e-mentoring program in the world. Every year we match thousands of students, postdocs, and early career researchers in engineering and science on hundreds of campuses to mentors in the professions for one-on-one guided relationships.

National Association of Multicultural Engineering Program Advocates (NAMEPA)

NAMEPA is the premiere network connecting corporate America to technical colleges and universities, and the leading source of professional development for directors of college engineering diversity programs.

National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME)

NACME is the nation’s largest private provider of scholarships for underrepresented minority students in engineering. They collaborate with other non-profit organizations to provide pre-engineering study preparation and experiences for public school and community college students and has become a leading source of research results and policy analysis regarding the participation of African Americans, Latinos and American Indians in engineering education and careers.

Women in Engineering ProActice Network (WEPAN)

Women in Engineering ProActive Network (WEPAN) is a national not-for-profit organization with over 600 members from engineering schools, small businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, and non-profit organizations. WEPAN works to transform culture in engineering education to attract, retain, and graduate women. With a clear focus on research-based issues and solutions, WEPAN helps its members develop a highly prepared, diverse engineering workforce for tomorrow.