Diversity Council

Michigan Tech's Diversity Council was formed at the request of President Mroz. The council is charged with developing short and long term strategies to further advance the ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts at Michigan Tech. 

Members of the University Diversity Council:
Jill Hodges, Institutional Equity and Inclusion, Council Chair
John Lehman, Enrollment, Marketing and Communication
Elizabeth Reed, Mathematical Sciences
Kellie Raffaelli, Center for Diversity and Inclusion
Terry Sharik, School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
Brent Burns, Corporate Partnerships
Lorelle Meadows, Pavlis Honors College
Adrienne Minerick, College of Engineering
Faith Morrison, Chemical Engineering
Susan Sullivan, Institutional Equity and Inclusion
Brigitte Morin, Biological Sciences
Logan McMillan, student
Ida Fonkoue, student

Michigan Tech University Diversity Statement

Diversity Council Goals

2014 University Diversity Award Recipient - Linda Ott

2015 University Diversity Award Recipient - Bill Predebon