5.1 Prohibition of Discrimination or Harassment

Michigan Technological University is a diverse community of and for scholars. This community requires an environment of trust and openness where productive work, teaching, and learning can thrive. The University recognizes the necessity of protecting First Amendment rights and encouraging free speech, but also recognizes that certain conduct can threaten the mutual respect that is the foundation of scholarly communities.  [ See Entire Policy ]

5.2 Equal Opportunity Employment Statement

In keeping with its responsibilities as an educational institution, Michigan Technological University is committed to a policy of affording equal opportunity to all of its employees, students, applicants for employment, and applicants for admission without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, height, weight, genetic information, or marital status.  [ See Entire Policy ]

5.3 Sex Discrimination/Sexual Harassment

Federal and State law prohibits discrimination in employment and in the utilization of educational facilities because of sex. Such discrimination includes sexual harassment. The policy of Michigan Technological University is that sex discrimination/sexual harassment is prohibited.

Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcomed sexual . . . [ See Entire Policy ]

Student Conduct Policy information - See Sexual and/or Relationship Misconduct information

Interim University Sex/Gender Discrimination, Harassment, and/or Sexual Misconduct Policy