Ibrahim Miskioglu

Ibrahim Miskioglu


Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics

Faculty Advisor, BoardSport Technologies Enterprise

Solid Mechanics (SM) Area Director and Faculty Advisor, SEM

  • PhD, Iowa State University

Links of Interest

Areas of Expertise

  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Experimental Stress Analysis
  • Composite Materials

Research Interests

  • Use of severe plastic deformation to alter properties of materials
  • Failure studies of random fiber composites with applications to structural problems
  • Failure of sandwich panels with applications to structural problems
  • Nanoscale properties of interphase in polymer matrix composites
  • Photomechanics integrated with digital image processing for thermomechanical stress analysis

Recent Publications

  • Ibrahim Miskioglu, King, J.A., Keith, J.M., Glenn, O.L., Cole, A.J., McLaughlin, S.R., and Pagel, R.M., "Synergistic Effects of Carbon Fillers on Tensile and Flexural Properties in Liquid Crystal Polymer Based Resins," Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 108, No. 3, pp. 1657-1666, 2008-05-00
  • Ibrahim Miskioglu, Bacaksiz, E., Purcek, G., "Structure and Nanomechanical Properties of CdTe Thin Films," Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 198, No. 1-3, pp. 202-206, 2008-03-00
  • B. S. Altan, G. Purcek and I. Miskioglu, “An Upper Bound Analysis for Equal-Channel Angular Extrusion,” Journal of Material Processing Technology, Vol 168, No. 1, pp. 137-146 (2005).
  • D. D. Wright-Charlesworth, D. M. Miller, I. Miskioglu, J. A. King, “Nanoindentation of Injection Molded PLA and Self- Reinforced Composite PLA After in Vitro Conditioning,” Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, Volume 74A, No. 3, pp.388-396 (2005).
  • G. Purcek, B. S. Altan, I. Miskioglu, A. Patil, “Mechanical properties of severely deformed ZA-27 alloy using equal-channel angular extrusion,” Materials Science and Technology, Vol. 21, No. 9, pp. 1044-1048 (2005)
  • S. Li, I. Miskioglu and B.S. Altan, “Gradient Elasticity Solution to Line Loading of a Semi-infinite Elastic Solid,” Int. Journal of Solids and Structures, Vol. 41, No. 13, pp. 3395-3410 (2004).