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Michigan Tech


Advisor, adviser

We use the term advisor.

Alumnus, Alumni, Alumnae

Used as follows:

  • alumna: a female graduate;
  • alumnus: a male graduate;
  • alumnae: more than one female graduate;
  • alumni: more than one male graduate, but also used to refer to a group of male and female graduates

Areas of Study

The general areas of academic study should be referred to in the following manner:

  • arts, humanities, and social sciences;
  • business and economics;
  • computing;
  • engineering;
  • forestry and environmental science;
  • natural and physical sciences;
  • technology

When used in text, refer to the Editorial Guide for wording and punctuation.


One word.

Birth date

Two words.


It is the Campus Bookstore.

Building list (with building numbers and abbreviations)

1 Administration Building (Ad Building)
4 ROTC Building (ROTC)
5 Academic Office Building
7 Electrical Energy Resources Center (EERC)
8 Dow Environmental Sciences and Engineering Building (Dow)
9 Alumni House (Alumni)
10 Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts (Rozsa)
11 Walker Arts and Humanities Center (Walker)
12 Minerals and Materials Engineering Building (M&M Building)
13 Hamar House Counseling Center (Hamar)
14 Grover C. Dillman Hall (Dillman)
15 Fisher Hall (Fisher)
16 Widmaier House
17 J. R. Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library (Van Pelt and Opie Library)
18 U. J. Noblet Forestry Building (Noblet)
19 Chemical Sciences and Engineering Building (Chem Sci)
20 R. L. Smith ME-EM Building (MEEM)
24 Student Development Complex (SDC)
25 Sherman Field Press Box
28 Kanwal and Ann Rekhi Hall (Rekhi)
30 Little Huskies Child Development Center (Little Huskies)
31 Douglass Houghton Hall (DHH)
32 Daniell Heights Apartments
34 Memorial Union Building (MUB)
37 Wadsworth Hall (Wads)
38 West McNair Hall
40 East McNair Hall
41 Central Heating Plant
42 Facilities Management Storage
43 Lakeside Laboratory
44 Storage-Service
50 Gates Tennis Center (Gates)
84 Harold Meese Center (Meese)
95 Advanced Technology Development Complex (ATDC)

Other Buildings

  • Fire Hall, Houghton
  • Ford Forest and Ford Center, Alberta
  • IMP Storage, Houghton
  • Keweenaw Research Center, Houghton County Memorial Airport (KRC)
  • Citizen's Bank Building, Hancock
  • UPPCO Building, Houghton


Ice Arena

It is the John J. MacInnes Student Ice Arena or the MacInnes Student Ice Arena.

Mont Ripley

It is Mont, not Mount. If you must abbreviate, Mt. is allowed.

Check-in and checkout

Check-in and checkout as nouns; check in and check out as verbs

Curricula vitae, curriculum vitae (both okay)


Michigan Tech refers to students as first-year, sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate students.

Class of 1976, or Class of '76.

Class work

Two words.

Course work

Two words.


Day of the week

Use the day of the week with the date

  • in the same week, don’t need the date (Tech Today)
  • otherwise: "Steve Rossi's retirement party is Friday, January 25."


Earth (the planet)

earth (soil)

end user (n.)
end-user problem (modifier)


faculty (members) emeriti or emeriti faculty (members)

professor emeritus or emeritus professor

Be consistent.

Enterprise Program, but Enterprise teams

Equal opportunity statement

Michigan Technological University is an equal opportunity educational institution/equal opportunity employer, which includes providing equal opportunity for protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.

It should appear on all publications going off campus.


Facilitate will be replaced with help or aid.


Marcia has been named a Fellow with the Organization of List Editors of North America.


The fellows of the unique (sic) society will meet Wednesday.

first-year students (no freshmen)
second-year students

Font weight

font weight for punctuation follows previous word

  • Amanda Jones—one of the more underrated actors—was nonetheless an Internet sensation.

Freshman student-athletes (plural)

from 1984 to 1987 or


one word as a noun, verb, adjective.

Glenn D. Mroz

On first reference, refer to the president with his middle initial.

Glenn D. Mroz

home style (n.)
home-style cooking (modifier)


Homepage: one word.

Honors, Honors Program

It is referred to as the Honors Institute.

Inclusive language


Michigan Tech advocates using inclusive language in all instances. This includes gender-neutral language.

Preferred terms include gender, parent/guardian, partner/spouse, and child.

Also: spokesperson, chairperson, etc.

inpatient and outpatient (one word)

Honors, Honors Program

It is referred to as the Honors Institute.


No 'e'.

jump-start (v.)
jump start (n.)

kickoff (n.)
kick off (v.)

Internet, web

Internet is capitalized; net is not. Similarly, web is not.


lay out (v.)
layout (n.)

Log in, log out, log on, log off

two words as a verb. Login, logout, logon, logoff one word as a noun.

Life cycle (two words)

Lifestyle (one word)

Maiden Names

Joan A. (Smith) Jones



Mind Trekkers

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is—

We prepare students to create the future.

multiyear (one word)

Nondegree-seeking student

Nondegree-seeking student


off-site (adj., adv.)


This is the new title.

Pre-health, pre-law, pre-vet, pre-dent, but: premed


Residence Hall

This is the preferred name for Wadsworth, McNair, and Douglass Houghton Halls, not dorm or dormitory.

runner-up (singular)
runners-up (plural)

Senior Design Program, but Senior Design teams

skill set


snowmaking (one word)


Lowercase, no italics.

summer session, not semester


tee shirt or
T-shirt, either is okay


The correct spellings follow:

McArdle Theatre

Student Theatre Association

Theatre and Entertainment Technology (BS degree)

Technical Theater (minor)

Theater Arts (minor)

Tune-up (n)

Tune up (v)

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year


Utilize will be replaced with use.

U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges"

But, Princeton Review's Best 373 Colleges


Vision Statement

Michigan Tech will grow as a premier research university of international stature, delivering education, new knowledge, and innovation for the needs of our technological world.




One word, no hyphen.

Web Page

Two words.


One word, not capitalized.

Referring to websites in text:

  1. Referring to the url:
  2. First mention of site and to emphasize that it is a website:
  3. After first mention in text: Facebook

Italicize web links in text.
On the website, click on Library Services, then Spaces and Places. Note punctuation follows the italics, too.
Under Quick Links, go to FERPA.


Work-study as an adjective or noun.

Web Address

We still use www in text:

We live on the Keweenaw Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula.