Library Cafe

The Library Cafe has a variety of gourmet coffee, exotic teas, steamed and flavored milk and cold drinks including iced coffee and flavored seltzer water.  The menu also includes sandwiches, Chicken Caesar Salads, fruit, biscotti, bagels, cream cheese, peanut butter, scones, and big cookies.

Coffee, Espresso Drinks, Tea

 12 oz16 oz20 oz
Brewed Coffee
Starbucks regular and decaffeinated
Espresso with hot water
Espresso capped with foamed milk
Cafe Latte
Espresso with steamed milk capped with foam
Cafe Mocha (White or Dark)
Espresso with steamed milk, chocolate, and whipped cream
Hot Chocolate
Steamed milk, Fontana chocolate, and whipped cream
Carmel Macchiato
Foamed Milk, espresso, vanilla, and caramel
Steamed milk with a shot of flavor capped with foam
Chai Latte
Exotic honey and spice tea with steamed milk
Espresso (Sold by the shot, single, double, triple)
A special blend of coffee brewed by forced water
Tazo Tea
All varieties
$1.30 per bag
Add Flavor Shots or Soy Milk for $0.50 apiece!

Cold Beverages

 16 oz24 oz
Iced Coffee
Starbucks regular and decaffeinated
Iced Latte
Espresso with milk
Iced Chai
Exotic honey and spice tea with milk, over ice
Iced Macchiato
Milk, espresso, vanilla, and caramel, over Ice
Iced Mocha (White or Dark)
Espresso with milk, chocolate and whipped cream

Food and Snacks

Ciabatta Sandwiches$4.25
Bread Sandwiches$3.25
Luncheon Salads$6.50
Hard Boiled Egg$1.00
Bakery Bagels with Spreads
Cream cheese, peanut butter, jelly, butter
Extra Spreads$0.50
Big Cookie$1.25
Granola for Yogurt$1.50