Express Cash—Meal Plans

What is it and where can I use it?

The Express Cash debit card program is available as a feature of your ID card. It operates like a no-interest checking account. By opening an account, you can use your ID at campus locations. 

  • MTU Campus Store
  • University Images
  • North Coast Deli and Grill in the Memorial Union
  • Memorial Union Food Mall
  • Campus Café
  • Central Ticket office
  • Rozsa Ticket Office
  • Mont Ripely Ski Hill
  • Huski Café at Mont Ripley
  • Tech Express Office in the Van Pelt/Opie Library
  • Library Café
  • Coaches Corner
  • Fusions
  • Aftermath Café

How do I buy it?

Deposits to the card can be made online or in person at the Tech Express office. Students can also check their balance on the Tech Express website

How much does it cost?

There are no transaction fees for adding value to the Express Cash account or spending Express Cash at participating merchants. There is a $3 fee per transaction for cash withdrawals from your Express Cash balance (withdrawals can be made at the Tech Express Office). The $3 is taken from your total withdrawal. Upon permanently leaving (disenrolling from) the University, you can request a check for the remaining funds in your Express Cash Account. There is a $10 fee charged to issue a refund check, which will be subtracted from the refunded amount.

Cash can be withdrawn through the Tech Express Office during normal business hours. There is a minimum withdrawal of $20 and maximum of $200 with a monthly maximum of $500 

Who is eligible?

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