Campus Cafe

Late at night and you need a snack?  Follow your nose to the Campus Cafe on the Ground Floor of Wadsworth Hall!  Find a sweet treat like ice cream, bars, and muffins or the cinnamon rolls and jumbo cookies made fresh daily right there in the Cafe.  Pick up beverages from sodas to energy drinks, pizza, burgers or appetizers.  The Campus Cafe is right next to the Annex so it's great for an evening study group or catch the big game on one of the TVs.  Coffee House is back so get ready to strut your stuff or join the League of Legends club or enter one of the tournaments all sponsored by the Campus Cafe.

Check out the menu!

The Grill

Quantum Burger     
2- 1/4# Burgers, Cheese, Bacon
Double Cheeseburger
1/4 Hamburger
1/4 Cheeseburger
Veggie Burger
Cheese Steak
Philly Style Beef, Fried Onions, Nacho Cheese Sauce on a Grilled Pretzel Bun
Grilled Cheese
on Texas Toast
Grilled Ham & Cheese
on Texas Toast
on Texas Toast
Western Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Breast, Bacon, BBQ Sauce, American Cheese
Crispy Chicken Wrap
Chicken Strips OR Grilled Chicken Breast, Bacon, Lettuce, Cheese, Ranch Dressing in a Tomato Basil Tortilla
Chicken Quesadilla
Cheese Quesadilla
Add Bacon to any sandwich
Combo with Fries & 20 oz Soda or Slushy
Combo with Onion Rings & 20 oz Soda or Slushy


7 inch or 12 inch
Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms, Green Pepper, Black Olives
Meat Lovers
Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham
Onion, Mushrooms, Green Pepper, Black Olives
BBQ Chicken
Bacon, Chicken, Ranch
Buffalo Chicken
Mozzarella and Cheddar
Cheese Breadsticks


Chipotle Chicken Bites
Chicken Tenders (4)
Onion Rings
Mozz Sticks (5)
Cheddar Cheese Curds
Spicy Cheese Curds
Tater Bucks
Soft Pretzels
Jalapeno or Cheddar
Giant Party Pretzel
Bosco Sticks (2)


20 oz Fountain Drink
32 oz Fountain Drink
Regular & Flavored K-Pods
16 oz Cappuccino
16 oz Hot Chocolate

Sweet Treats

Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie