Meal Plans

Big Dog Express Plan

What is it and where can I use it?

Big Dog Express are dollars that you load onto your Tech Express ID Card or Department Dining Card that can be used in the following Dining Centers along with most vending machines.

  • Aftermath Cafe
  • Campus Cafe
  • Coaches Corner
  • Food Court
  • Fusion
  • Huski Cafe
  • Library Cafe
  • Par & Grill

How much does it cost?

Every dollar you deposit is available for you to use and we'll even give you a bonus*!  If you deposit $25-$99.99 we will add an additional 3%, if you deposit $100-$199.99 you'll get an extra 4%, and if you deposit $200 or more we'll throw in an extra 5%!  

Does it expire?

No, Big Dog Express does not ever expire.  It carries over from semester to semester and year to year.

Can I get a refund?

Since the dollars never expire, we do not issue refunds unless you are permanently leaving the University.  Big Dog Bonus Bucks are not eligible for refunds.  For specific refund questions, please stop by the IT Service Center on the 1st floor of the JR Van Pelt and Opie Library.

How do I buy it?

To pay with a credit card, go online to  Cardholders should click on "Cardholders' Online System" and parents or others with the cardholder's M-number should click on "Guests' Online System".  To pay with cash or check, go to the IT Service Center on the 1st floor of the JR Van Pelt and Opie Library.  Departments can email with their Dining Card number (or a request for a new card), University index number to charge, and the deposit amount. 

*Big Dog Bonus Bucks are stored in a separate account on your card and are not used until after you have used all of the regular Big Dog Express.

Who is eligible?

Faculty or staff with an Active Tech Express ID Card, Students Living off campus or in Daniel Heights With an Active Tech Express ID Card, students and faculty that do not have an active Tech Express ID Card, or for department use

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