Instructors: Policies and Procedures

Michigan Tech instructors, who would like to use the Michigan Tech Testing Center, should be familiar with the following policies and procedures.

What the Michigan Tech Testing Center Can Provide

Testing Center provides two facilities for computerized testing:

  1. Rekhi Hall 215:  This 40-seat computer lab has a LockDown Browser installed on all computers for tests delivered through Canvas. In general, instructors must proctor their own exams or have Teaching Assistants do so in this space.   This space is available during the semester on a first come - first served basis, but Testing Center staff will help find other possible locations when this facility is in use. Scheduling can be done by using the online form. Exams during finals week must be scheduled through your departmental coordinator. 
  2. 226 Van Pelt and Opie Library: This ten seat space includes a proctor and is an ideal location for accommodated exams, exams for online courses, or make-up and overflow computerized exams. These exams can also be scheduled online using this form.

Paper-based testing will be done for accommodated exams and online courses only. For paper-based exams, the instructor must provide a copy of the exam for each student taking the exam. The Testing Center is unable to make copies of the exam.

Accommodated Exams

Instructors must notify Testing Center staff if a student requires special accommodations such as extra time or a quiet space to take an exam. Students requesting accommodations must obtain a letter from the Student Disability Services Office and bring that letter to the instructor(s) of the course requesting exam accommodations. Students should not attempt to negotiate accommodations with Testing Center staff directly.  Instructors must then schedule each accommodated exam through the online form at least 48 hours prior to when the exam will occur.

What the Student Will Need to Know

To avoid miscommunication, it is imperative that students be thoroughly familiar with Testing Center policies and procedures prior to testing. 

  1. Instructors are expected to review with students and/or share web address to the Testing Center policies and procedures.
  2. Before sending a student to the Michigan Tech Testing Center (Library 226), the instructor should ensure the student knows the instructor’s name and course number. This will ensure the student is given the correct exam.
  3. The instructor will provide the student with the date and time the exam will be proctored by the Testing Center and inform the student that a picture ID (with both first and last name) is required. Michigan Tech IDs are acceptable for Michigan Tech offered course exams.
  4. It is the instructor’s responsibility to inform students regarding the material covered by the test, question types, length of time allowed for exam, and materials allowed while testing, such as a book, notes or a calculator. The Testing Center can provide #2 pencils and scratch paper if needed.

Rescheduling, Missed Appointments, Cancellations, and Refunds 

Michigan Tech Course Exams

Please inform your student of your policy if the student misses the scheduled exam in the Testing Center.

Non-Michigan Tech Course Exams

Please inform your student of your policy if the student misses the scheduled exam in the Testing Center. All exam fees paid directly to the Michigan Tech Testing Center are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Sponsored/Commercial Exams

Sponsored exams may or may not be rescheduled depending on the exam sponsor’s policy and the reason. If the student scheduled the exam directly through an exam sponsor, such as ETS, Pearson VUE, or Kryterion, the student will need to contact that exam sponsor regarding their policies for a missed exam.

Incident Reporting

A written “incident” report will be made to the instructor regarding any student. who has any behavior that might be considered cheating during an exam. It is up to the instructor to review the report and initiate action with the office of academic and community conduct if necessary.