Timothy Havens

Timothy Havens


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Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

William and Gloria Jackson Assistant Professor

  • PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Missouri
  • MS, Electrical Engineering, Michigan Technological University
  • BS, Electrical Engineering, Michigan Technological University

Links of Interest

Areas of Interest

  • Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Sensor and Data Fusion
  • Heterogeneous Data Mining
  • Explosive Hazard Detection

Recent Publications

  • S. Rajasegarar, T.C. Havens, S. Karunasekera, C. Leckie, J.C. Bezdek, M. Jamriska, A. Gunatilaka, A. Skvortsov, and M. Palaniswami. High resolution monitoring of atmospheric pollutants using a system of low-cost sensors. IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing.
  • T.C. Havens, J.C. Bezdek, C. Leckie, K. Ramamohanarao, and M. Palaniswami. A soft modularity function for detecting fuzzy communities in social networks. IEEE Trans. Fuzzy Systems.
  • T.C. Havens, J.C. Bezdek, C. Leckie, L.O. Hall, and M. Palaniswami (2012). Fuzzy c-means algorithms for very large data. IEEE Trans. Fuzzy Systems, 20(6), 1130-1146. Read More
  • M. Moshtaghi, J.C. Bezdek, T.C. Havens, C. Leckie, S. Karunasekera, S. Rajasegarar, and M. Palaniswami. Streaming analysis in wireless sensor networks. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing.
  • T.C. Havens and J.C. Bezdek (2012). An efficient formulation of the improved visual assessment of tendency (iVAT) algorithm. IEEE Trans. Knowledge and Data Engineering 24(5), 813-822. Read More
  • D.T. Anderson, T.C. Havens, C. Wagner, J.M. Keller, M.F. Anderson, and D.J. Wescott (2014). Extension of the fuzzy integral for general fuzzy set-valued information. IEEE Trans. Fuzzy Systems., 22(6), 1625-1639
  • C. Wagner, S. Miller, J.M. Garibaldi, D.T. Anderson, and T.C. Havens (2015). From interval-valued data to general type-2 fuzzy sets. IEEE Trans. Fuzzy Systems, 23(2), 248-269.
  • J. Su and T.C. Havens. Quadratic program-based modularity maximization for fuzzy community detection in social networks. IEEE Trans. Fuzzy Systems.
  • T.C. Havens, D.T. Anderson, and C. Wagner. Data-informed fuzzy measures for fuzzy integration of intervals and fuzzy numbers. IEEE Trans. Fuzzy Systems.

Recent Funding

  • Spatial Coherence Imaging and Machine Learning Approach for Standoff Detection Using Forward-Looking Ground-Penetrating Radar ($387,670), US Army, 2013-2015, PI
  • Advanced Signal Processing and Detection Algorithms for Handheld Explosive Hazard Detection ($816,223), US Army, 2013-2015, Co-PI (PI: Joseph Burns)
  • Evaluating the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Transportation Purposes ($240,889), MDOT, 2013-2015, Co-PI (PI: Colin Brooks).
  • NURail Center - Tier I ($113,411), US DOT, 2014-2016, Co-PI (PI: Pasi Lautala)
  • NURail Center ($388,926), USDOT, 2012-2016, Co-PI (PI: Pasi Lautala)